Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cough. Sniffle. Blow. Repeat.

We are still sick. Yes, WE. As in me and Preston. While Preston might not always be great at sharing his toys and such he is obviously awesome at sharing his colds.

How do I know we are sick? I’m glad you asked, I have a list of reasons.

1. Preston took a late two hour nap yesterday, he slept from 7pm-9pm. He doesn’t nap, ever. Then he slept for eleven in a half hours last night. Then because that wasn’t enough he fell asleep again only three and a half hours after he woke up and slept for a couple more hours!

2. I on the other hand got basically no sleep last night.

3. We went to the Doctor today. Where I got to have the time of my life talking about Preston’s recent pooping habits in relation to when his fever started. I’ll spare you the details.

4. My Mom ran to the store for me and picked up bagels and cream cheese, the only thing Preston has actually asked to eat since he got sick. I didn’t want to take him out so I called and asked her to please pick them up for me and she did.

5. My nightstand is covered in used tissues. I know gross. I couldn’t sleep because I can’t breathe out of my damn nose, and no matter how many times I blew it it still felt stuffy. Seriously how much crap can possibly be up there?

6. I picked up pizza for dinner tonight. Okay, that happens at least once a month. But when I was out picking up pizza I also stopped by Walgreens for supplies; medicine for both me and Preston and cough drops. I spent more at Walgreens than I did on a pizza that fed both me and Brad dinner tonight will feed us lunch tomorrow.

7. The amount of baths being taken in our house. Preston’s taken two and I’ve taken three today. The steam really helps me breathe and seems to help with Preston’s cough.

8. Brad unloaded the dishwasher. That never happens. Ever! I’ve wanted to unload it all day but was afraid that I’d contaminate all the clean dishes. I should cut Brad some slack on the dishwasher thing though, while he never unloads the dishwasher I never bring home the paycheck.

9. I ate two pieces of that pizza and couldn’t actually taste any of it. Not a single bite. What a waste of good pizza. Stupid stuffy nose.

10. All the freaking whining. From both Preston AND me mind you.

You know what has been kind of great about this whole sick thing? We’re doing it at the same time. Usually it works out that by the time I catch whatever Preston has he’s feeling better and I have to force myself to keep up with him. This time we both feel like crap, so we’ve just been lying around together.

Still I hope we both feel better tomorrow. Preston specifically though. If he’s still running a fever on Friday the Doctor wants us to come back and Preston will have his blood drawn. Preston was pissed today when the Doctor asked him to lie down on the table so that he could feel his belly, I don’t even want to imagine how a blood draw would go.


Ashley said...

Hope you feel better soon ;)

Yankee Girl said...

Oh lordess. That is a nightmare. Leland and I have been sick nearly all month and we are both finally better, though Leland is still a little congested. I couldn't imagine being sick and having to chase around a child!

Hope you are feeling better by now!