Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving #1 2010

My family all got together at my Grandpa's house this year for Thanksgiving. And I do mean all of us. There were 31 of us total. It was a packed house. Except that it really wasn't, since my Grandpa luckily has the space for all of us.

Check out all the coats and crap we all was insane.

Or even better look at the seating arrangement. Mona set up FOUR tables in her formal dining/living room so that we could all sit together in the same room. It was impressive. I only have a photo with three of the tables. But she not only got us all in the same room, she even made it look nice. BIG props to Mona!

I LOVE our family get togethers! LOVE them. There are so many of us and I fully enjoy getting to bounce from person to person. I'm sure it fully helps that I absolutely love my family. We were there for more than seven hours and I still wasn't sick of anyone. Not a single one. They are that awesome.

My Aunt Kristin informed us of our mission for the day not long after we got there, "Operation Bidet Today". You see my Grandpa and Mona had recently updated their master bathroom and you guess it they added a bidet. We were all so excited to see it and test it out. But it was all on the down low. The plan was to use the bidet and then sign the "Operation Bidet Today" sheet. The goal being that everyone would get a chance at some point in the day to use the bidet.

It was hilarious! Absolutely hysterical. I went up with my sisters and my cousin and we all took turns having a go at it. Obviously we had fun with it. Some of our reactions included...

And of course we then took a photo in the bathroom.

I have to tell you it was kind of awesome. Once you got past the initial WHOA of it. It had different settings for front or back, male or female, oscillating or pulsating (I'm not even going to tell you how much that option made us laugh), and even a dry setting where it essentially blew you dry. The toilet seat was even heated. I'm thinking we need one and I know just the plumber to hook us up!

I didn't get many pictures of Preston. He was busy playing with all of our cousins. He headed downstairs not long after we got there and only poked his head up a couple of times before dinner. It was kind of awesome that he is now big enough to play downstairs with the kids at family events. Every time I went downstairs he was too busy to talk to me. I walked down as they were beginning a game of hide and seek and he raced past me to hide and when I followed him to say hi he informed me, "I playing hide and see Mama!".

At dinner time we all gathered to pray and say thanks for the chaos that getting our entire family together brings and for the food and the family and the troops that make it all possible. And then we all dug in.

After dinner the men cleaned up while the women relaxed. A wonderful tradition that my Grandpa enforces. Preston had some fun drinking out of a big boy wine glass and playing "cheers" with my Aunt Sheli. It was adorable.

We celebrated some birthdays. Mason loved his new football. We enjoyed some cake. Some more than others. Marrissa and Maycie took it upon themselves to try to take over me and my cousin, Colten's, tradition of a cake fight.

Colten did in fact prove that nobody does it like we do. As I was sitting on the couch at the end of the night minding my own business chatting with my Dad and Brad, Colten came up behind me and caught me completely unaware and smashed cake into my entire face. It was amazing, I will give him that. I attempted to get even but we got in trouble for making a mess and I admitted defeat. Until next time that is. Next time he's mine!

At the end of the night we said our good-byes gave out a million hugs and headed home. I had an early morning and some serious Black Friday shopping with my sisters ahead of me!


Preston finally went out to play in the snow! It only took Auntie Rissa building a sledding hill in their backyard to convince him that the cold was worth it.

Of course that morning was the morning I decided to stop bringing his snow clothes with us every where we went, as he still hadn't used them. So he went out in his sweats until my Mom found a tote full of old snow pants. Then we threw a really old pair of my snow pants on him. They were huge and purple, but they kept him dry.

He did some sledding and there was even a little bit of a snow fight. Still he was ready to come in within half an hour. He is definitely my son, I hate being cold!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ten On Tuesday

1. I found Preston snow boots! And for only $15! Thank you Walmart.

2. Even with the snow boots we didn't play in the snow. Preston decided it was too cold and he had no desire to go out and play in it. That's my boy!

3. Brad spent twelve hours at work today and he's only getting paid for FIVE of them. Why? His company is refusing to pay drive time on this job since it's an hour in a half out of town and they spent most of the day just trying to get out of town to the job only to not be able to get there with the weather. This enrages me.

4. My SIL is going to Hawaii next month and I want to go soooooooo bad! I'm so close to just saying "who needs savings" and just buying me and Preston a ticket. Then that damn voice of reason starts in on me. I hate that voice.

5. My fabulous husband has been shoveling the walkway to the garage for me every morning before work. I should mention that he LEAVES our house for work at four in the morning. And he still makes sure he is up early enough to make it so that I don't have to walk in the snow to get to my car!

6. I'm not sure if #5 is such a great thing to admit. On the one hand, it makes my husband sound so wonderful on the other is makes me sound so high maintenance! I should be clear, I don't ask him to shovel for me. But I do love that I don't have to stomp through the snow to get to my car.

7. I'm not going to lie, I'm a little high maintenance.

8. It is so cold out we had to bring our two outside cats in. They are outside cats because they pee all over the house and spray Preston's bedroom furniture, so I wasn't thrilled about this. But it's just too cold to leave them outside. We locked them in the downstairs bathroom, so it's going to be a long night.

9. It is also so cold out that my key less entry wouldn't work on my car tonight! I'm not kidding. I actually had to pull the keypad out of my purse and use the key to unlock my car. Then my freaking car was still too frozen to recognize my key being in the car, so I had to use my key to start my car. It is that cold. In the three years that we have had the car I have never had to actually stick the key in the ignition. It was such a pain in the ass! And it made me laugh that I thought it was such a pain because three years ago it was a regular every day thing.

10. I am getting so excited for Thanksgiving and Black Friday! I almost can't decide which one I'm more excited for. And then I remember that Thanksgiving comes with food and Thanksgiving wins!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Just In Time

This weekend we finally bought Preston a winter coat and snow pants, Brad cleaned out the garage so that I could park my car in it, picked up all the outside toys and moved them under the deck and covered the battery powered ones (mainly Preston's new truck), pulled the cushions off the deck chairs and moved them under the deck too, and FINALLY started feeling better.

And just in time too, because this morning we woke up to a winter nightmare wonderland.

Although poor Preston didn't get to play in it because I haven't gotten him snow boots yet!

I know, bad Mommy! We looked today but at the three places I went to they were either out of stock or in the price range of $50! Which is not happening for something that he'll wear for three months and only to go outside and play in!

Tomorrow we find snow boots and then I'll suck up all the hatred I feel for snow and take Preston out to play in it.

I swear.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cough. Sniffle. Blow. Repeat.

We are still sick. Yes, WE. As in me and Preston. While Preston might not always be great at sharing his toys and such he is obviously awesome at sharing his colds.

How do I know we are sick? I’m glad you asked, I have a list of reasons.

1. Preston took a late two hour nap yesterday, he slept from 7pm-9pm. He doesn’t nap, ever. Then he slept for eleven in a half hours last night. Then because that wasn’t enough he fell asleep again only three and a half hours after he woke up and slept for a couple more hours!

2. I on the other hand got basically no sleep last night.

3. We went to the Doctor today. Where I got to have the time of my life talking about Preston’s recent pooping habits in relation to when his fever started. I’ll spare you the details.

4. My Mom ran to the store for me and picked up bagels and cream cheese, the only thing Preston has actually asked to eat since he got sick. I didn’t want to take him out so I called and asked her to please pick them up for me and she did.

5. My nightstand is covered in used tissues. I know gross. I couldn’t sleep because I can’t breathe out of my damn nose, and no matter how many times I blew it it still felt stuffy. Seriously how much crap can possibly be up there?

6. I picked up pizza for dinner tonight. Okay, that happens at least once a month. But when I was out picking up pizza I also stopped by Walgreens for supplies; medicine for both me and Preston and cough drops. I spent more at Walgreens than I did on a pizza that fed both me and Brad dinner tonight will feed us lunch tomorrow.

7. The amount of baths being taken in our house. Preston’s taken two and I’ve taken three today. The steam really helps me breathe and seems to help with Preston’s cough.

8. Brad unloaded the dishwasher. That never happens. Ever! I’ve wanted to unload it all day but was afraid that I’d contaminate all the clean dishes. I should cut Brad some slack on the dishwasher thing though, while he never unloads the dishwasher I never bring home the paycheck.

9. I ate two pieces of that pizza and couldn’t actually taste any of it. Not a single bite. What a waste of good pizza. Stupid stuffy nose.

10. All the freaking whining. From both Preston AND me mind you.

You know what has been kind of great about this whole sick thing? We’re doing it at the same time. Usually it works out that by the time I catch whatever Preston has he’s feeling better and I have to force myself to keep up with him. This time we both feel like crap, so we’ve just been lying around together.

Still I hope we both feel better tomorrow. Preston specifically though. If he’s still running a fever on Friday the Doctor wants us to come back and Preston will have his blood drawn. Preston was pissed today when the Doctor asked him to lie down on the table so that he could feel his belly, I don’t even want to imagine how a blood draw would go.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Technology Among Friends

What? You've never seen a three old showing a four year old how to work an iPhone before?

Monday, November 15, 2010


I love Fall. I love the colors. I love pulling out my sweaters and my scarfs. I love boots. And I love taking pictures of Preston playing at the Arboretum.

Even better I love that it is a tradition to take pictures of Preston at the Arboretum every Fall

We obviously went again this year and took a million in a half pictures with our favorite friends.

All these pictures make me want to go back and take more before the snow comes! Because as much as I love Fall, I hate Winter!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sick Weekend

Oh yes, you read that right. Our house spent the weekend sick. SICK!

I am not thrilled about this. Not at all.

We were supposed to go to a hockey game. Had tickets and everything. My little sister and her boyfriend got lucky in that department and took them for us so they didn't go to waste. She had fun, so at least I know someone enjoyed our seats.

Back to the sick...

Preston started running a fever early Saturday morning. Sometime around one-ish. It went away by early afternoon and I thanked my lucky stars that it was only a half day kind of thing. We went over to my parent's that night for dinner since they were already contaminated because we'd been there the other day and Mason who ran a fever the day before Preston was already over there with my sister. Plus my Mom said to come on over and they were making dinner. I'm not one to turn down a meal that I didn't have to cook, especially when Preston is sick and I don't want to do anything.

Of course we got home that night and by bedtime Preston was running a fever again. Blah. I Tylenol'd him up and he was out by 9pm, which is pretty much unheard of for him. He didn't even wake up until 9am this morning. Still running that damn fever. Still taking Tylenol.

He then crashed out on the couch this afternoon. Naps don't happen in our house, so this really meant he was sick. As if the fever wasn't proof enough, the fact that he slept over three hours this afternoon really took care of that.

I'm hoping that he'll still go down at a normal hour tonight even though he napped. And then while I'm hoping for unrealistic things, I'm hoping that he wakes up tomorrow perfectly healthy. No fever, no cough, no runny nose. And since I'm a go big or go home kind of girl, I'll go ahead and hope this sickness doesn't make it's way through the rest of the house. Cause with the cough I've got I'm sure that's going to happen.