Monday, October 18, 2010


I got to head down to Pullman on Saturday to catch a Coug's game with my sister and friends!

Or more accurately I got to head down to Pullman to catch half a Coug's game and have way too much to drink. I call them like I see them and since we left the game at halftime to head back to the bus to drink, I can't even tell you who won. Although I think it's pretty safe to say that the Coug's lost because well that's what they seem to do these days.

It was fun! But I really have been paying for the fact that I had way too much to drink. You see my family's company gets the tickets and then rents a charter bus to take us all down there and back. No driving means no responsibility and that definitely added up to a lot of drinking. Especially when you add in not having to pay for any of that alcohol all day. All of that added up to me drinking way too much. And a recovery time of, I don't know, two whole days! Let's just say it'll be a long long time before I drink again!

But even Mom's need a real break every now and then!

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Unknown said...

Nice! Glad you got in some Mommy-free relaxing time!!