Monday, October 11, 2010

A Pumpkin Trip

Brad was busying this weekend helping a friend out, so Preston and I convinced my sister to hang out with us. Scratch that, Brad was helping a friend so my sister and Mason were LUCKY enough to get to hang out with us. Yep, that is much better.

We decided to check out the local farms and find a pumpkin! Brad and I always take Preston up to a certain farm but I wanted to try a couple of the other ones in the area out as well. One even had a petting farm. But we ended up at HH anyways. And I realized that there is a reason we always go there, it's the best one!

Preston and Mason both picked out pumpkins. Mason was loving the whole experience. Preston was good at the first farm and TERRIBLE at the second one! I'm telling you this three thing is rough.

We're going back with Brad later on this month for more pumpkins! Preston picked a little one and him and Brad already carved it. Only they did it Sunday while I was watching a movie, so I have no pictures! What was that husband of mine thinking? No pictures!


Courtney said...

I'm wanting to go the weekend before halloween and haven't decided which farm to hit. I like Walters for fruit but wasnt impressed last year with their pumpkins...I was thinking Harvest House. We should go together!

Nicole said...

Knapps is awesome for pumpkins we have gone there the past 2 years make that 3 ha ha and then go around the corner for homemade cider and pecan rolls..yumm we are going saturday