Monday, October 25, 2010

Project Finding Joy...Coulee City Edition

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21. Getting to see Miss Madison again! How cute is she? And seeing that Jen is enjoying all of the outfits that I bought for Madison. Madison wore three of them in the couple of days we were there!

22. Snuggles with my little man!

23. Visiting Brad's Grandparents and watching Preston jump out of the car and run to Grandpa Pitts and give him a big hug. Even though the last time we saw him was in May.

24. Big Wally's and all the food! The burritos, the nachos, the french fries. YUM!

25. Staying up late chatting with Denise.

26. Getting to see my youngest sister-in-law at cheerleading practice!

27. Exploring and playing around Aunt Caelan's farm.

28. Brad finally getting to meet his niece.

29. Visiting Grandma Geneva for the first time since Memorial Day.

30. Deciding at the last minute to stay two nights instead of one.

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Yankee Girl said...

Reading this is making me hope that I am pregnant. Goodess I cannot make up my mind!

Unknown said...

Love that picture of you and Preston! So sweet! Umm and how cute is Madison falling asleep with just on sock on! Totally baby fever!

Kelly said...

Brad looks good holding a little GIRL! ;o)