Saturday, October 9, 2010

It's A Boy Thing

Preston has been obsessed with his thingy lately. You know, his penis. It's seriously ridiculous. I thought we had years before this kind of thing got started. Apparently not.

Here's some things we've heard over the last few months from Preston.

"Mama, you no has a penis? You only has a butt?" - Preston's been curious about boys vs girls lately and pointing out whether people are boys or girls when we go places or talk about people. This was started when he noticed one day that I obviously do not have a penis. I was sooooo not ready for this conversation and just told him that he was right, I do not have a penis because I am a girl and left it at that. Every once in a while he mentions it or wonders about my lack of penis.

"My penis is...big." - While changing his diaper early one morning months ago Preston noticed his morning you know. He was only half awake and apparently didn't expect his penis to look like that. It was so funny listening to him trying to explain what he saw to me. He took a big break trying to find the right word to explain what his penis was. And then when he said big, I almost died! All I could think was already he's talking about it's size?

"My penis is too big for that" - While I was trying to put a diaper on him at Gigi's house. I think I might have been telling Jen and Gigi the story above and he'd been listening. Either way it was hysterical.

Obviously I need a little girl in our house. Someone who will be obsessed with bows and shoes and not farting and boy parts.

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