Thursday, October 28, 2010

I Gonna

The newest phrase in our house.

I gonna.

I gonna do this. I gonna do that. I gonna do this if you do that.

It's awesome. It's one of those things that arrived when Preston turned three. And I can't seem to shake it.

We have apparently jumped into back talk. And I hate it. Hate every second of it.

Almost every single time that I correct him he tells me what he's going to do as a result of it. If I tell him I'm going to take away his toy, he tells me he's going to get it back. If I tell him that if he doesn't stop being naughty he's going to take a timeout, he tells me how he's going to get out of timeout. It's this horrible cycle. One that I can't seem to break for the life of me.

It's driving me insane. And bringing me down to his level. If I don't really check myself I find myself countering his I'm gonna with my own I'm gonna. Then it's a whole 'nother mess. Arguing about who's going to do what with my three year old really isn't on my lists of things I'd like to do before I die. But if it was I would have checked that one off in the last couple of weeks. Not one of my finer moments.

Or there was this one. It's definitely a keeper.

Preston was getting into trouble for not picking up his toys. They were all over the living room. I asked him over and over again to please pick up his toys. PLEASE! Nothing. I just wanted him to pick his damn toys up. He was playing with a new helicopter that he'd gotten for his birthday, and after asking one more time if he would please just pick his toys up and him not doing it I took the helicopter. And put it up on the fridge. This led to a whole new battle. Preston told me, "I gonna get a chair and get my helicopter down." And then he headed to do just that. Which led me to counter with that if he did that I was going to have to put his toy into the garbage can. The big one outside. Apparently if I did that Preston had a plan too. "I gonna get in the garbage and get it out." I wasn't prepared for that one. So I told him that instead of the garbage I was going to have to give it to one of his friends. No more helicopter. Gone. The end. Only not. "I gonna get in my truck and I gonna drive over there and get it back." WHOA THERE! That had never happened before. Granted he hadn't had a truck before, but still. I was trying so hard not to laugh. I mean seriously. He's going to take his little truck and drive over to his friend's house?! lol.

In the end Preston did end up picking up his toys and putting them in the playroom. I told him if he didn't I was just going to break his helicopter because he had too many toys and if he wouldn't take care of them he couldn't have them. NOT one of my finer moments. Desperate times, desperate measures. And learning that I apparently could be brought all the way down to a three year olds level. Suh-weet! Just what I was hoping would happen.

But seriously, I am ready for "I gonna" to leave this house.

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Yankee Girl said...

My parents used to tell me they were going to get rid of all of my toys all the time. I guess I knew better because I still just left everything laying around.

I don't have any ideas as to what you can do, but good luck!

I'm gonna cross my fingers that "I'm gonna" takes a hike soon.