Monday, October 4, 2010


My little sister went to Homecoming this weekend! I was so excited about this.

Shannon is a senior this year and this was her first dance. She has just opted out of every single one until now. Much to me and Jessie's disappointment. But not this one. Oh no, she went to this one.

And not only did she go to this one, but she looked gorgeous doing so.

Watching Shannon get all dressed up had me and Jessie feeling very jealous. We really wanted to put on our pretty dresses and get all done up. We may or may not have even joked about chaperoning prom at the end of the year so that we could dress up. I'm sure Shannon and Matt would love that.

For now I'll just have to settle for living through Shannon!

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Unknown said...

She looked so pretty! We never had homecoming at my school since it was all girls. But we had semi-formals in the fall every year and proms junior and senior year. I so miss getting all dressed up and dancing the night away!