Friday, October 8, 2010

The Fair!

Before our latest trip to Seattle and the arrival of Miss Madison, we went to the fair!

Preston was so excited about the fair! We'd been talking about it for weeks before we finally went. We were going to go a couple different times before we actually did finally go, due to a certain little boy and his naughtiness we cancelled. We almost didn't go at all. With Brad's schedule and the way the weather was that week added in with Preston not listening we finally got down there the last day to play.

I'd bought Preston a bracelet so that he could ride all the rides. I figured this was going to be a good investment with how much Preston loved the rides last year. I was right! Preston was all over the rides.

We rode the roller coasters. The airplanes. The scrambler. A train. Two different car rides. A house of mirrors, where Preston walked face first into no less than five mirrors. The yo-yo. The carousel. He even did some obstacle courses. The first one didn't go so well, Preston got through two of the steps and refused to go any farther. The second one was much better. Preston got a whole bracelet's worth on this one. I had to help him through the first time but after that he was good to go. We literally dragged him away kicking and screaming after his tenth or so time through.

Preston is such a little version of Brad too. While he was on the rides, he would enjoy the first round or two and then he'd get curious about how it worked. He'd stop enjoying the ride and start staring at the mechanics of it as if he was trying to figure out how the whole thing worked.

Then if it wasn't obvious enough that Preston is a little bit of an adrenaline junkie, he climbed up onto a trampoline. Not just any trampoline though. One that had bungees and a safety belt. One that allowed him to go up very high. Very very high. I wasn't sure how high Preston was going to be comfortable going. He sure showed me. And Brad. Preston went higher up than all of the kids before him and they were bigger than he is! And he LAUGHED the entire time! He couldn't stop laughing. You could tell that he thought it was so much fun.

Now we just have to wait a whole 'nother year for the fair to come around again. Hopefully next year Preston will be big enough to go on some of the rides in the adult section that he was oh so fascinated with this year.


Kelly said...

Small world...Maddie was telling me last night that she saw you guys there and Preston was on the trampoline. I can see her sister in the second photo. too funnY!

Holly said...

Holy moly! Preston is one brave boy!