Monday, September 20, 2010

The Sickies

Preston is sick. Officially sick. He was up all night with a stuffy nose and a cough. Which just in case you were wondering means I was just up all night.

Even better is that when I called Brad to tell him that Preston is sick and by the time we got up this morning had added fever to his symptoms, Brad told me he's pretty sure he's getting sick too.

Awesome. Just awesome.

Even better is that I've been telling myself all weekend and part of last week that on MONDAY, it would be back to life as normal. You see we've been in a little bit of a funk. It's partially the weather, it's been crappy. Partially that we have no actual schedule with Brad's schedule lately. And mostly just because I don't want to do anything AT ALL. That was supposed to end today, but now with Preston being sick it looks like I get an extension and we get to hang around home and not get dressed and watch movies all day. Besides the sick part that really doesn't sound so bad.

As for Brad, he is partly back to work. Which really is better than not working at all. But still isn't as great as it would be if he was working again full time. That we're still waiting on. And not so patiently, at least not so patiently on my end.


Domrese Family Blog said...

We are mid-sickness right now. I did it all last week with Thomas. Molly and Katie are midway through and Dan is just coming down with it. Awesome. For us it was really just a head cold with a fever, but a real pain in the tush. Good luck!

Unknown said...

Since this was written so long ago I'm assuming that you are all better now! {{{{knock on wood}}}} Meredith has never been sick....I'm so dreading the day it happens!