Monday, September 6, 2010

Preston's THIRD Birthday Party!

We had quite the celebration for Preston's THIRD birthday party! We invited many of our family and friends to come celebrate with us! And many of them did. I think we ended up having fifty people show up! It was quite the full house, errr backyard. Luckily not only was our backyard up and ready for everyone, but we'd also set up an assortment of things for the kids to all play with. We borrowed Gigi's bounce house, had the play area, the pool, and all the open space.

We ran with a dinosaur theme this year. Preston loves dinosaurs and I found a set that I thought was cute.

Preston had such a great time. Bouncing from toy to toy. From family member to friend. He thoroughly enjoyed being surrounded by so many people who love him.

Preston was very interested in a pinata this year, so a pinata he got! It just so happened that it was a perfect match to the whole party. Preston loved it. As did all the other kids, both big and small. When the little ones didn't manage to break the candy free after two turns we let the big kids have a turn. My brother was the one who finally did it in. And it was a free for all with candy.

From there we moved on to presents. Where we remained for a while. Preston took in a haul. WAY TOO MUCH! He is a very lucky little boy to have such amazing family and friends. He thoroughly enjoyed this part. LOVED IT! He got so many things that he just absolutely enjoys playing with.

And then onto the cake. It was a cute cake! I still keep comparing all of his birthday cakes to his first birthday cake and the masterpiece that it was, but this one was pretty impressive as well. Much better than last years.

Since I can't seem to find a link anywhere to Preston's first birthday cake, I'll just share it here. Isn't it freaking adorable? And it tasted sooooo good!

Once again Preston got to go through his favorite part of birthdays. We sang happy birthday and he got to blow out his candles. And make a wish!

Again this year I was horrible at getting the actual party started. It seems to happen every year! I blame it on the fact that I'm just enjoying my time with our family and friends. Next year we will get it right!

We are so incredibly grateful to all the family and friends who came and celebrated our little man with us!


Courtney said...

I love that you are steadily a month behind. Its like a review, lol. Maybe now that you are back for a while you will catch up ;)

Unknown said...

Dinosaur is Meredith's new word. They have lots to talk about now!