Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Preston Potty Trained?!

I hesitate to say it. In fact I feel like I should whisper it so that I don't spook him.


I think...

Preston might be potty trained.


On Thursday last week, almost a week ago!, I finally took the big step and put Preston in big boy underwear. Since then he has had ONE accident. Just one. And it almost shouldn't count because my little monster did it on purpose. He peed his pants and then ran over to show me laughing.

At first I was afraid to leave the house. Terrified that he would forget he was wearing underwear and have an accident. But we had to leave the house, we had places to go and things to pick up. We went to the mall, Costco, and Grandma's house for the first trip out of the house. Go big or go home. And we did arrive home, with no accidents.

We have since gone about our regular days, only now we go about them in underwear. Without a single problem. So far Preston has yet to have an accident while we are out.

That one accident that he did have, not only do I believe that he did it on purpose but he did it at home. Where he knows where the bathroom is and frequently uses it.

Preston has been doing much better than I expected in this whole process. He's asked me a couple of times whether he has a diaper or underwear on, as if he's just checking to make sure he needs to use the potty instead of his diaper. When I tell him underwear he heads to the bathroom.

My favorite part of this whole experience is that he goes to the bathroom all by himself! I don't have to pester him with question all day about whether or not he has to use the bathroom. when he has to go he realizes that he has to go and he heads to the bathroom. We are running into a little bit of an issue when he's trying to get his pants down, he doesn't fully get the concept of unbuttoning his pants yet so he needs to be able to pull them down without unbuttoning them but at the same time they need to be tight enough that they stay up. It's a work in progress.

He has even been waking up dry in the mornings. I'm still putting him in diapers at night because I'm not sure that we're completely there yet and I really don't feel like washing sheets all the time. But that being said on Thursday night when I put him to bed I talked to him about how he needed to stop going pee in his diaper at night too. That big boys go pee-pee in the potty when they wake up in the mornings. And that when we run out of diapers, we are all out of diapers. Since that night, Preston has woken up dry all but one night. That means that out of the last five nights, Preston has woken up with a dry diaper four times. I am so excited!

The only part of this whole thing that we are struggling with is pooping. Preston is refusing to poop in the potty. He requests a diaper when he has to go. I've given in once and he's gone in his night time diaper early in the morning once. And he's been holding it for the last couple of days. I know he can go in the potty, he's done it before. He is just refusing to. He keeps telling me that he'll go in the potty when he's a big boy, like an "as tall as the ceiling" big boy. This girl is not changing her son's poopy diapers until he is as tall as the ceiling! I'm looking for any advice to help with this one. I've tried bribing. Offering him candy and toys. Refusing to put a diaper on. Telling him big boys go poop in the potty and he's a big boy. Reading him stories on the potty. I'm running out of ideas!

I just can't believe that we are almost completely potty trained! It just shocks me. I can't believe that Preston is old enough for this. I can't believe we are actually doing it. And strangely enough I can't believe how badly I just want to put his diapers back on him! Isn't that strange?


Mom said...

For starters... WTG Preston! Good job too Kim! I am curious, you said a week ago you put him in underwear... what were you doing before that? Pull ups? So far Aidan is only without a diaper at home and does really well but I put a diaper on him for nap time, bedtime and when we leave the house. I really don't want to use pull ups but I am trying to figure out where to go from here. Just like PReston, he's going without me asking. He runs around the house with nothing on and then when he needs to go, he goes on the potty. I wanted to see what you guys were doing before you started underwear.

Unknown said...

This is so exciting!!! Yay Preston! We are in the very very early stages of introducing Meredith to the potty. And I'm already getting sad about it! I think because it just means that they're definitely not babies anymore