Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Jen's Baby Shower

I'm getting pretty good at this baby shower thing, if I do say so myself. Practice makes perfect right?

I fell in love with a brown and pink polka dot party set and decided I had to have it and those had to be the colors! It could be that I have a little bit of an obsession with brown and pink and polka dots. It was just so cute!

And the food. Oh the food. Jen's Aunt made these Mexican pinwheels that were to die for. I have been sitting here tonight craving them! And some watermelon salsa that I literally ate by spoonful. And dips. And punch. Mmmm...I love party food.

I was so excited about the cake. I had an exact idea in mind of what I wanted. I wanted it to go with the theme and the colors. It worked out perfectly!

We played some party games. Jen was so excited about the baby food game. I had to beg her not to eat it, it was for the game only! Ha! More like she is now dreading that eventually she will have to feed Madison baby food.

The best part of a baby shower? THE GIFTS! That's my favorite part. There is seriously just something about all that baby stuff. Be still my beating heart. I love baby things. Especially little girl clothes. They are so freaking adorable it almost hurts. It could be because I only get to buy little boy clothes these days.

Now if only Madison would just come out already! She's had her baby showers, her room is ready, and most importantly THIS Auntie is ready to meet her!


Ms. Diva said...

That cake looks fabulous!!!! I love outdoor parties! And pinwheels! Yummy!!!

Unknown said...

Looks like so much fun! And your sister had the tinies baby belly ever!!