Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I Think This Pretty Much Proves It

Three has been rough around here. Really rough. Whoever said two was terrible should be shot. All they've done is make you so excited to hit three and then BAM it's a million times worse than two ever was right off the bat.

Case in point...

Preston just told me, "You're driving me insane".

He then counted down, "Five, four, three, two, one".

After which he promptly told me, "Okay, it's time for a timeout."

Can you tell what phrases have been popular in our house lately?

Oh yes, three has been rough. And we're only a month in a half in.


Linda said...

I thought it was a girl thing. Three was WAY worse with Susy, and it's moderately worse with Amber too. Apparently it's that way with girls AND boys. There's hope though...Susy was much better at 4, and better still at 5. She'll be 6 next week, so I'm hoping the trend continues :)

Jaidean said...

lol...too funny! I thought 3 was WAY worse than 2 for Teagun. I am so nervous for Emery to turn 3. I agree with Linda...4 makes up for it though!

Anonymous said...

I think two is horrible because they can't yet tell you what they want but they sure as hell know what it is. Then three comes a long and they're talking and can tell you what they want and want it, but now they have to face the "no you can't have it", or "no you can't eat ice cream in the bathtub" or whatever. They also can't control their anger yet so they're even more worse, especially since just because THEY can talk doesn't mean they understand as well as you'd think. Honeslty 3 has been worse than 2 for the boys REMEMBER JOE!?! OMG I'm not kidding I cried one night and told Jerry "I think I hate him. I'm such a horrible Mother." and it was true, I hated him for about a year. But he's nice now. 4 is better. Oh yes, good luck.

Unknown said...

How did you not just burst into laughter when he said that? Meredith made the saddest face the other day when Skip was scolding her and I had to leave the room so she wouldn't see me laugh