Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Doctor Visit

Somebody in our house went to the Doctor today.

It was Preston!

It was time for his three year check up. Well, it was actually time for his three year check up over a month ago but we've been busy and our Dr books out pretty far for those kinds of appointments. If Preston's sick we can get in right away, but if he's fine and it's time to have a well child check we have to book months ahead.

We even ran into a friend in the waiting room, who's daughter made it absolutely painful that I know we aren't ready for another baby yet. She was just so freaking cute! And even sick she was being so good! It made me want a baby sooooo bad. Or maybe it just made me want to take Piper, her daughter, home with me so bad!

The appointment went great. Preston was about as big as I expected him to be. He's always been tall and with us having been to places lately that require him to be a certain height to participate, like the lighthouse, we had a general idea about how tall he was going to be. Any guesses? He was 40.5 inches! That places him in the 95% for height in his age group!

I was most curious about how much he was going to weigh. I'm sure you've heard me mention over and over again that Preston is a picky eater, so I wasn't sure where he was going to fall in this category. He actually weighed 34.5 pounds! Placing him in the 73%! Not too bad for my little picky eater!

I talked to the Doctor about how Preston eats too. I personally am not so concerned with it. He's obviously still growing. For me it's one of those things where listening to other people tell me what I'm doing wrong makes me feel very insecure about Preston's eating habits. I try very hard to remind myself that I know that he will start eating more of a variety as he gets older and that he is not malnourished or too skinny or not growing, it's just one of those things that the more I hear it from people the more concerned I get. Not any more! Hearing our pediatrician tell me that I shouldn't be worried AT ALL was like having a huge weight lifted. He even took it a step further by pulling up Preston's height and weight on graphs and showing me where he charts in comparison to other children his age. Preston is sitting right where he should be. His pediatrician told me that if it was something that I was really concerned about I could give him a children's vitamin, which we already do. Score one for us! He also said that when we give Preston meals we should give him something that we KNOW he'll eat and whatever we are eating as well to introduce him to new foods, this is something we do at home a lot of nights. Score again for us!

I did talk to my pediatrician about the flu shot at the end of the appointment too. I feel much better about it. Much better. He walked through my concerns with me and explained the parts that I was questioning. We are planning on getting the flu shot at this point. I feel much more confident after having talked to our pediatrician. And thank you Carrie for your two cents! I really appreciated it especially as one of my concerns was how new I thought it was. But having it pointed out how the formula for the flu shot is changed every year and that the formulas for other shots, that I feel completely comfortable getting, change as well I'm looking at the concept of the flu shot with H1N1 in it in a different way. Our Doctor's office doesn't have the shot available yet, but we should be able to get it at the end of this month.

Preston seemed to really enjoy the whole experience of visiting the Doctor. While we were waiting he was dying to go back and have them measure and weigh him. I'm sure it helped that he wasn't getting shots or anything unpleasant at this visit. And that we haven't had to go into visit the Doctor since his two year check up. He was so grown up while they did all of his check up. Until I wanted to talk to his Doctor. Then he turned into the three year old that I know and love these days. He entertained himself by turning the light on and off and seeing how hard he could slam the door to the room. Good times. When we left and the Doctor told us that as long as Preston stayed healthy this year he'd see us next year, I believe I said, "Yeah, now we just have to survive three."

Oh yes, we just have to survive three. Two months down, so what we've only got ten months to go? Ten long months. At least he's healthy! :)


Zack said...

That has got to be the longest blog about a children's doctor's visit ever! Good to see he's growing at least...lol

Unknown said...

I'm glad the doctor was able to ease all your worries. We have to take Meredith for her two year appointment next month and we will get the flu shot as well. I've gotten it for her the past two years and I'm hoping to keep the sickies away!