Monday, August 2, 2010

A Welcome Home Gift

Gift!? Ha! What a joke!

We got home Saturday night. Spent Sunday relaxing and unpacking. And buying Preston's official birthday present.

At the end of the day I realized that it was much hotter in the house than it was supposed to be. I walked over to the thermostat to see what was up. What was up was the temp in our house! It was sitting at like 82 degrees. Holy hotness.

I messed with it a little bit. Checked our vents. Asked Brad to look at.

It was determined that it was not working. The air condition wasn't even turning on.

How did this happen in the middle of summer?! What was my air condition thinking?

Then I really started sweating. We just got back from vacation. We just bought Preston's big birthday present. I have Preston's birthday party and my sister in law's baby shower this weekend. I have been spending a lot of money lately. And now my air condition isn't working?!

I called my Mom's heating and cooling guy this morning. And both eagerly awaited and dreaded his call. It was hot in our house. Seriously hot. By today we were up to 86 degrees INSIDE! So I couldn't wait for him to call. But at the same time I did not want to pay for it!

The guy didn't get back to me until 6:30 tonight! But he said he was on his way over, so we were going to find out what was going on.

It turned out to be an inexpensive fix. Steve, the ac guy, came over and did some looking around at our air condition and our furnace. He told us that our air condition was both in a bad spot and too small for our house. Both of which we already knew. He then looked at our furnace. And basically told us it was a piece of crap. It's old. And they make them much better now. Much better but they're incredibly expensive.

He doesn't think it's going to last us much longer. We're hoping he's wrong! But we've decided to wait it out and see how much longer we can get out of it. Plus now that we know we can start setting money aside for a new furnace. Those things seriously are expensive!

He then showed Brad how to fix the air condition. Once he realized Brad was in construction and had some understanding of what he was saying and that we really weren't wanting to spend any money he opted to just show Brad how to fix it since it really was pretty simple and then he wouldn't have to charge us for the fix, just for the visit.

All in all we found out what was wrong with out air condition, learned how to fix it, and only had to pay $25! Thank goodness! Although now that the a/c is working I'm stressing about the furnace.

I don't mind spending money on things. Really I don't. But this bothers me. I know that we HAVE to have a working furnace and a/c but I don't understand why I have to spend the money on them. I think it's because I do much better with spending money on things that I can see and enjoy. For example when we replace the carpet in our house I can tell that it makes the room look that much better. Or when I buy a pair of jeans, I like the comfort and how they look. When Preston needs wants a new toy I get to see how much he enjoys it. OR when I throw a party or baby shower I get to see how it all looks when it's all put together. But this, while I understand that we need to replace and fix our furnace and a/c, I think it's just stupid. I apparently need to actually see the reason for spending the money in order to feel good about it. Weird right?

For now we have working a/c and we're hoping it stays that way!


Courtney said...

Well if you wait until they actually bust to fix them, you will soon have enough reason. A couple days freezing/sweating and you will REALLY think the money is worth it! :)

Mom said...

When we were looking at houses my step dad kept reminding us that you can save BUG bucks by buying a furnace with a dented case. Kind of like the ding and dent center for kitchen appliances :) As long as you don't care that it has a dent (which DOESN'T affect how it works) then you can save some money for those jeans, toys, parties, etc!