Monday, August 2, 2010

Preston's THIRD Birthday!

Preston started his birthday off early. Much earlier than he's up most mornings. I would say that it was because he was just so excited about it being his birthday, but I'm pretty sure it was for another reason. He'd worn himself out the day before at his cousin's birthday party and fallen asleep at 6:15pm and was down for the night! Poor kid didn't even have dinner and woke up Sunday morning begging for something to eat and drink!

When I came back to the bedroom with his juice and quick breakfast I asked him if he knew what day it was. We've been talking about his birthday A LOT this summer so he knew instantly what day it was.


My smart little boy even knew that he was three now! Not two anymore, now he was three.

My sister and Mason woke up early with us, so we all headed out to the grocery store to pick up donuts and a cake for Preston. I should clarify too that by early I mean Preston was up just before 8am!

Preston enjoyed a "cupcake donut" for his official birthday breakfast per his request. My Grandma had bought donuts on our first morning there and they included a sprinkle donut and Preston was hooked.

When breakfast was over we headed out to the pool to swim! Preston was slowly starting to get used to the water and was all over going out to play. Auntie Rissa came out with us and Preston insisted on playing in the water with her and his babies. My Grandma had given him two water babies to take swimming with him. Preston was so excited about taking the dollies swimming.

Auntie Shannon came out to swim not to long after we'd gone out. Only before Auntie Shannon came swimming she found Preston a frog to play with. Preston was beyond excited about this. And then Auntie Shannon let him hold it. I'm shocked that his head didn't explode when she told him he could. He was that excited!

Since nothing could top holding a frog, Preston headed inside not much later with Auntie Shannon to take a shower and play.

This is where I made a mistake. I stupidly decided to stay outside. In the sun. During the hours when the sun is the strongest. Without sun block on. Let's just say the entire back side of me was bright red for days. And when it stopped being red it started peeling. It was oh so attractive. I don't think I have ever been that burnt before in my life. I couldn't even lean back against things without cringing. And that was after the aloe vera with lidocaine in it and Aleve. It was bad.

I'd decided to celebrate Preston's birthday with my family in California at one of our favorite places, so we all headed off to Chuck E Cheese for games and pizza. And most importantly FUN! I'm sure it's no secret that me and Preston are huge fans of Chuck E Cheese.

After a couple hours there, a lot of tokens, and dinner it was present time.

Preston was all over the presents this year! And he took in quite the haul for how many people were actually there and how last minute the whole thing was.

We decided to do cake back at my Grandma's house since it was just too hard to get everyone to sit still at Chuck E Cheese.

Cake time was what Preston had been waiting for all day. If you ask him this is the very best part about a birthday. And not because of the cake. Oh no, not the cake. But because everyone sings Happy Birthday to him and then he gets to blow out his candles! That was the absolute highlight of the day for him. He was literally bouncing up and down in excitement when the candles were lit and everyone started singing.

When it was time to eat cake Preston refused to share. With almost everyone. Emmy, my cousin who is two months older than him, was the only person Preston would allow to have some of his cake. He grabbed his fork and dug in! Then grabbed Emmy a fork and brought her over to the cake and told her to have some too. It was soooo cute! Luckily for everyone else, Preston did decide to let me cut up pieces too.

Preston didn't get his big birthday present from me and Brad until we got home a couple days ago. Poor kid got more gift from us than he should have! We'd already decided to get him a Power Wheels car, but I didn't want to leave him empty handed in the gift department from Mommy and Daddy on his actual birthday so I got him even more! So I really don't think that he minded having to wait for his big gift from us all that much. Plus he seems to just be excited about having a set of wheels to call him own! And a radio that he is completely in charge of!

I have to mention what a DIVA Preston was on his birthday. He walked around telling anyone and everyone that it was his birthday. Not your birthday, but HIS birthday. It was hysterical. He totally worked it. If he wanted something, he reminded you that it was his birthday. You know just in case you somehow forgot in the five seconds since the last time he'd told you. And heaven help you if you tried to get mad at him for being naughty. After all it was his birthday and you can't possibly get in trouble on your birthday. Even if you were being naughty!

Lucky Preston has gotten to stretch this whole birthday thing out. We are having his main party this weekend, so we've spent this week getting ready and talking non-stop about it. He is in heaven! Today we even went shopping with my Mom and sisters and he got to pick out his birthday presents. It was hysterical. At one point (okay it might have been more than just once) he tossed a toy in the cart and told us it was his "special toy for his birthday present." And not to take it out of the cart. I have a feeling our little birthday diva is only going to get worse as the years go by! I just hope it's as cute at seventeen as it is at three!

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Unknown said...

What a fabulous birthday!!! It looks like he had such a great time! Hope he had as much fun at his party at home!