Monday, August 16, 2010

Laid Off

That's right, Brad got laid off this morning.

We kind of knew it was coming. At the same time I still felt shocked. Brad didn't work on Thursday or Friday so that was really our only warning. But before Thursday I thought work was going fine.

They'd just bid on and received an apartment complex and had a couple other things going on. Then all of a sudden there was nothing. I mean really nothing. Brad was the second to last guy to be told there was no work and that he was going to be laid off for a while.

LUCKILY, we really shouldn't be laid off too long. That apartment complex is still on the horizon. It's just not supposed to start for another two weeks. Which means we filed for unemployment this morning.

And I started to freak out.

I'm not just talking about the financials of it either. Although I am freaking out about the SERIOUS pay cut we are taking for the next two weeks. Who needs to eat right? Ha!

My biggest freak out is how things are going to go in our house. I'm used to the schedule that we have around here. Monday through Friday, Brad goes to work. Not for the next two weeks. Which means our lives are all over the place. Just Thursday and Friday were enough for me. I was ready to rip my hair out. It was too much having Brad home randomly.

Part of the problem is that when he is home like this from work he thinks I should just pretend he's not here and go about my day.

Let me set a scene for you on how Thursday and Friday went...I cleaned the kitchen, did the dishes, put away a million loads of laundry, vacuumed, ran errands all over town making returns and picking up things that we needed. Brad watched movies all day and played on his computer. Are you understanding why I felt some frustration and was ready for a nervous breakdown when Brad told me he'd be home for another two weeks?

We are working on coming up with some sort of a new day to day schedule while Brad is home all day every day. Luckily for us we do have some things that will help to keep me us sane coming up. We're going over to Seattle to visit Jen and see her new place. We leave Friday with Brad's Mom, Aunt, and Dave. Then Brad will head back with his Mom and Dave on Sunday and Preston and I will stay behind for a couple days to help get everything ready for Madison's arrival next month, visit with Jen, and explore. Then after seeing my post on Facebook about Brad being laid off for the next couple of weeks my Uncle and Aunt called me to see if they could snag Brad to do some updates to their master bathroom. Of course they can!

Hopefully a visit to Seattle and Brad doing some work for my Aunt and Uncle will keep us busy until Brad goes back to work.

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Unknown said...

That really stinks. I know this is something you have been worried about for a while. Will the unemployment be enough for you guys for a bit? I hope the apartment job comes through soon! And if you need to get away from Brad I'm only like a six hour plane ride away! haha