Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First Night...At The Ocean

We went to the Oregon Coast for a week a couple weeks ago. I know, SLACKER, it's taken me a couple of weeks to be ready to talk about this. But we really had sooooo much going on when we got back and I've got so many pictures and things to say about all of it that it really just took me this long to have the time and to wrap my head around all of it.

Preston LOVED the ocean. Really loved just about everything about it. He liked the house, he liked being on vacation, he liked that Daddy met us at the ocean, he liked exploring the little towns around our town, but mostly he just really LOVED the ocean.

Preston would insist on standing just outside the door of the patio over and over again. The first time I attempted to refuse to let him stand out there because it was windy and our house sat on a bluff that overlooked the ocean and we had windows all the way across the living room/dining room. But Preston informed me that he didn't want to SEE the ocean he wanted to HEAR the ocean. It was adorable. After that every time he wanted to go stand outside we would take him out so that he could just listen. He would just stand outside the door mesmerized by the sound of the ocean.

Obviously with Preston's obsession with the ocean we just had to go down to check it out that first night when we arrived.

Everything was going great. We were checking out the tide pools, as it was low tide and they were on the beach right in front of our house. Then Preston went racing across and fell face first into a huge tide pool! At first I thought he'd hit some part of a rock, but my Dad pulled him back up pretty quickly and other than being soaked he was completely fine. But being soaked meant that it was time to head back up the house. It was windy and I really didn't want Preston to freeze! Along the way he did pick up some warmth by rolling around in the sand.

Maybe I should show you why I really didn't want to head back up to the house. Like I said we were on a bluff. Meaning we had to walk down the stairs to get down to the beach. And back UP the stairs to get to the house. It was rough! See for yourself. This is our house and those are our stairs.

I'm not kidding when I say that about half way up Preston insisted on being carried up. And by the time we reached the house my legs were literally shaking. It was quite the hike. One that we would make several more times while we were visiting Lincoln City.

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Unknown said...

OMG...I cannot believe those stairs! I would have been asking someone to carry ME up them! It's so funny to see Preston in a sweatshirt, on the beach, in AUGUST! haha. I guess it's not as warm there as it is here in Jersey. And I guess kids only want to roll around in sand when they're already make it so much harder to get off!