Monday, August 9, 2010

California Road Trip

This one's LONG overdue! But now that I have more than just a free moment, I'm ready to really tell you about our trip! It's amazing how returning from vacation and then instantly planning not just one but two parties zaps all your time right up.

Preston handled our drive to California so well! He did get cranky from time to time. Mostly when he started to feel crowded. Mason preferred to have someone sitting next to him in the back where Preston didn't like anyone else sitting back there. Both boys' strong opinions on how they wanted the seating arrangements to go made things interesting.

Either way, it was an adventure!

I was just so incredibly impressed with how well Preston did. We drove for two days. The first day we left at one in the afternoon and stopped for the night at one in the morning. Where we stayed overnight. Only to get back up (well Preston and Mason stayed asleep) and on the road at seven am. We finished our trip the second day around two that afternoon. It was a lot of driving! And we really didn't make any extra stops. We attempted one park but we were all back in the car within twenty minutes. The grass was wet and the mosquitoes were swarming. Other than that Preston really only got out of his car seat at bathroom and food stops. Not bad for an almost (at the time) three year old!

I am so lucky to have such a great little road tripper!

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Unknown said...

I can't believe you didn't stop until 1 am and he wasn't screaming! Meredith only did so well on our roadtrip because we would leave each day after breakfast and make sure to be in a hotel by 8 so she could get to bed around her usual time.