Sunday, August 29, 2010


One of the nights that we were on the coast we went down and had a little fire on the beach. Preston was so excited to not only be on the beach but to be sitting around the fire at the same time.

Since it was dark Preston decided it was the perfect time to play hide and go seek on the beach. We were right near a rock and he would run around it and then hide on the other side of a little hill. It was hilarious. And completely nerve racking since it was so dark. Someone would have to follow him and the other person would have to count and seek him. When it was his turn to seek my brother would hide and Preston would count and I would follow him while he tried to find Uncle Matt. Playing hide and seek was almost better than the fire in Preston's eyes.

Eventually the smell of the smoke and how cold it was did me in and we headed back up for the night.

Only one more post about the ocean! Then I just have to catch you all up on Preston's birthday party, Jen's baby shower, what we've been up to lately, and our trip over to Seattle. We really haven't been busy this summer at all. Ha!

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