Monday, August 23, 2010

Aquarium, Ripleys, And Butterflies

One of the days we were in Lincoln City we headed over to Newport to do some exploring. We planned on checking out the Oregon Coast Aquarium and Ripleys. We also got sucked into a Butterfly room. At the end of the day we were all just exhausted.

We all started at the Aquarium. Preston was here the last time we came to Lincoln City but this time he was so much more into what was going on. He raced from one area to the next taking it all in.

Preston did slow down long enough to check out two exhibits. The ones that he considered interesting enough to spend more time with.

The seals.

And the sharks. Oh the sharks. I am completely fascinated with sharks and terrified at the same time. I blame my Mom and her playing Jaws for us every single time we went to the ocean from the time I was one until just a few years ago!

I just love Preston's face in this one! It's hilarious!

We headed to Ripley's Believe It or Not next. I've been there three times now. The first because I was curious, the second because Brad was, and this time because my sister hadn't been and I thought Preston would enjoy it.

Preston liked certain parts of it. But for the most part it was a waste of time and money. Brad and I had already see it and a lot of it is dark and Preston was not having that. He insisted on carrying our phones around as flashlights.

He did like the final room that we walked through. It was all mirrors and the ceiling was dark with stars. It reflected all throughout the room and looked like you were just stepping out into an empty space. We had to convince Preston to take that first step into the stars!

Since Preston was too little to have a wax hand made, jerks (I kid, I kid...but I was really sad that I couldn't have a wax version of his little hand forever), we headed up to check out the butterflies.

Preston loves butterflies. Absolutely loves them. The exhibit didn't disappoint. Not only were there butterflies everywhere, but Preston also got to hold a butterfly. And it liked him so much that for the entire twenty or so minutes that we were in the room it just sat on his finger. When it was time to leave we had to pull it off his finger and put it on a flower! What can I say, the boy has a way with the butterflies!

By the time the day was over and it was time to head back to our house in Lincoln City we were all ready to call it a day. A good day.

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Unknown said...

Umm, Meredith loves butterflies too! It's her new thing. They are totally destined to be married forever!