Saturday, July 10, 2010


It's summer time!

And for my family that means vacation time!

This year we've got two of them coming up. And coming up soon!

On Wednesday Preston and I leave with my Mom and sisters and possibly my brother based on his decision to come or go and head down to California to visit family. A week in a half of sunshine and lounging around my Grandma or my Aunts pool! Sounds like pure bliss to me. I also plan on teaching Preston how to swim. I'm hoping to get the basics down and then when we get home we'll continue to work on it in our backyard and call this the summer that Preston learned to swim.

From California we head to the Oregon Coast meeting my Dad and Brad for a week long vacation in Lincoln City with my family. My parents rented a house big enough for all of us right on the beach. Well on the bluff overlooking the beach. We have our own private walkway down. It's going to be so relaxing. And fun! I'm looking forward to the aquarium, whale watching, and the outlets! And the food! I love Lincoln City!

I love summer! And vacations!

What I'm not going to love is that neither my Grandma's house or the house we're staying at in Lincoln City have Internet! NONE! I'm already working out a plan to visit Starbucks more in the next few weeks than I have in the last couple of months. What? I'm not a huge coffee drinker so it's really not that many times! I'm planning on popping in from time to time during my Starbucks visits, probably on somewhat of a crazed caffeine high!

I hope you all are enjoying your summers too!

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