Saturday, July 17, 2010

Old And Boring

I've come to the conclusion that I am now an old folk. Old and boring A possible loser. I've finally crossed over the the amazingly lame side.

What? Why? How is all of this possible you ask?

I spent my Friday night, FRIDAY, out buying printer ink cartridges. I didn't even just go to one store, I went to two when Walgreens didn't have what I was looking for. I just had to be able to use my printer!

Oh you're wondering why I needed my printer so bad. I needed to print off some coupons for great deals. COUPONS!

Then just to officially push me off the edge of young and awesome to aging and dull, I told Brad right before my birthday that I was thinking I wanted my car detailed as a gift. I wanted my car CLEANED for my birthday! Brad did convince me not to do it right now as we have some things coming up that will just make spending a bunch of money to have my car deep cleaned pointless, but still I wanted my car cleaned as a birthday gift!

Where do I find my nursing home registration? I wonder if I get a discount for giving them such advance notice?


Unknown said...

Hahaha....I'm sorry to laugh at you, but this post was really funny! I'm the same way though...we left a wedding at 10:30 last losers! Let's blame it on being parents...doesn't seem as lame then

Yankee Girl said...

I was JUST THINKING that I should start looking for coupons online! When you register for that nursing home, make sure you get one with two beds. That way we can share a room!

Aleta said...

Ok, I had to laugh, because I've caught myself saying the same thing. Friday nights are not the "FRIDAY NIGHTS" that used to be. But that's OK. Just another stage to enjoy :)