Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy Fourth of July!

Like two days ago obviously! I hope that everyone enjoyed their long weekend as much as we enjoyed ours. I also hope that you all took a minute or two or more to stop and think about how incredible it is to live in this country that we live in and to said a BIG thank you to those who make it possible!

We had a calm weekend. With so many projects going on, we had a lot to do. Maybe calm isn't the right word...more that we just had a weekend spent at home working on things.

But the Fourth of July means FIREWORKS, so Sunday night we loaded up and went downtown to watch some fireworks. We can't actually set them off ourselves. Rules, laws, blah, blah. :) Having downtown do all the work works for me.

Preston was interested. Kind of. He liked them. But he also liked the parking lot that we watched them in. I'm not really sure what he was more interested in, watching the fireworks or racing around the parking lot.

I think next year we're going to watch a different fireworks show, one that is more intense and we're actually going to watch close to the show instead of from a close parking lot. Hopefully that will help the fireworks catch Preston's complete interest!

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Unknown said...

I hope you were able to get a lot done then since it was a long weekend! Love the pictures of Preston...so cute in the sweatshirt! Though I have to laugh a little at how much cooler it must be there..It was 94* last night at midnight when I went to bed!! {but I *love* the heat so I am happy!}