Monday, July 12, 2010

Another Busy Weekend

We were busy this weekend!

With me going out of town on Wednesday we had some serious things to get checked off the to do list. Add in that I told myself I would officially be done doing home improvements on Sunday night and we had some serious work to do.

But we put it all off and went to my MIL, Tammy's, house for dinner and fun on Friday night. My SIL, Jen, had come into town and I was dying to see her and her pregnant belly!

Preston was very excited when we got there and saw what Gigi had gotten for him. A bounce house!

We ended up staying late and Preston got tired so while I chatted on the back deck with Tammy and Jen, Brad and Preston climbed into the bounce house to get some sleep! How cute is that?

Preston was so tired that he didn't wake up at all when I pulled him out of the bounce house, moved him into the car, brought him home, and put him to bed.

Saturday was our big day of working on the house and yard. Brad and Tammy made somewhere between five and seven trips picking up dirt and dropping it in our backyard to level out the yard so that we can move on to the next step. Preston LOVED this. All the dirt. And it's soft dirt too. He was thrilled. I'm even told that he was amazed because his Daddy and Gigi can move mountains! That's what the truck loads of dirt looked like to him. He got even more excited when for the last half of their dirt runs I put his car seat into Gigi's truck and he got to go with them.

While Brad, Tammy, and Preston worked on the yard I finished some of the painting in our living room. It took forever. Even though the color that we put on was darker than the color that we'd had up before it still took two coats. But now that it's done all of the painting that I needed to finish before leaving for California is finished!

Sunday morning Brad had to run to work for an hour or so. Since we're going to be leaving and him and Preston are going to be apart for ten whole days (longer than they've EVER been apart), Brad asked Preston if he'd like to come. Preston was all over that. Not only did he get to go to work with Daddy but he also got to ride in Daddy's car for the first time. A big morning of excitement. That only got more exciting when while they were out on the job site Preston got to drive around a back hoe with a friend of Brads. Preston was beyond ecstatic about driving around on this huge construction vehicle I'm told.

We were going to work on some more things around the house when Brad and Preston got home on Sunday but wanted to head over to Tammy's to say good-bye to Jen before she took off. Before we knew it Jen was deciding to stay until the next morning and we were there after dinner! Oops!

We were all just having such a good time and it was sooooo relaxing so we just hung around. Preston had Gigi pull his jump house back out and he raced around the yard playing with that and the sprinkler. And at the end of the night both! He was filling his jump house up with water and bouncing around. I'm thinking summer is definitely going to be Preston's favorite season.

Preston also got in touch with his feminine side. Gigi pulled out some fingernail polish to paint her toes and Preston paid close attention. When she was done he insisted that she needed her fingernails painted as well and he was just the boy to do the job. He took it very seriously and applied a colored coat followed by a clear coat. When he was done he then insisted that I paint his fingernails. Clear only! He is a boy after all. And then he painted mine. Once again clear only, I was not as brave as Gigi. He did a great job don't you think?

Don't even think that I forgot about taking pictures of Jen's belly to show you all this time! She is very possibly the CUTEST pregnant person I have ever seen in my life! I'm not kidding! She is all belly and it's just a little belly! You better believe that I was all over playing with that belly while she was visiting! Madison, my niece, even kicked for me a couple of times! Oh how I miss being pregnant!

The weekend was busy and it looks like the week is going to be the exact same way! Already today I've had concrete people out to lay our edging in the backyard and the carpet installer out to lay the carpet in our new bedroom! And I still having cleaning, laundry, and packing to do before we leave on Wednesday!

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