Saturday, July 31, 2010

We're Home!

And I have soooo much to share! Pictures. Stories. Memories! Starting on Monday!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Are You Happy?

Let me set the scene for you...

Preston runs into the bedroom. A slight smile on his face. And he asks me, "Mommy, you happy?"

Confused I ask him why. Is there a reason I should be unhappy?

He asks again, "Mommy, you happy?"

Still lost, I ask him why again.

At this point he leans over, gives me a kiss, and tells me, "I give you a kiss, you be happy now."

I'm starting to catch on and ask him what he did.

He gives me another kiss and insists, "I give you a kiss, you be happy now!"

I inform him that no I am not happy and I would like to know what he did please.

One more kiss and Preston screams politely tells me, "I GIVE YOU A KISS, YOU BE HAPPY NOW!"

I cave and tell him that yes, I am happy. Now what did he do.

"I... I go pee-pee on the floor".

And then he skips away. Content that I am happy about it.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

So Much To Say

Seriously I really do. I'm going to try to sum some of it up since I have internet until we leave our hotel later this morning. Hopefully this will help me remember all the things I have bouncing around my head.

Preston turned THREE on the 18th. I'm still in shock that my baby is THREE! How did that happen?!

We left California yesterday. When we finally leave our hotel today, we're only a couple hours from the Oregon Coast.

I am tired of driving. Really tired of it. The first day we drove 12 hours. The second day we drove 7 hours. We then stayed a little over a week in California before we started all over again. We are splitting the trip up even more this time but still! Yesterday we were in the car for 10 hours! And we've got about 2.5 left today! That's not even including that to get all the way home next week, we have ANOTHER 8 hour drive.

I was sun burnt. I am now peeling. It is very UNATTRACTIVE.

Preston is just tan. Lucky him and his Native American and Portuguese skin tones.

We get to see Brad in a couple hours! I'm sure Preston is going to be glued to his side for a while.

I think Preston is going to miss my Grandma and cousin Sarah a lot. When we were at the store one day I said we were all done and going home, meaning my Grandma's house. Preston took that to mean home home. He got very upset and told me that he didn't want to go home, he wanted to go to "Nee-Maw Dottie's house!".

I'm with Preston, so far I don't really miss home all that much. I'm enjoying being on vacation.

Preston did not learn how to swim. Getting him comfortable just being in the water was hard enough.

My backyard is almost done! I am dying to see it! Brad and Tammy have been texting me photos of the updates as they make them. But it's not the same as seeing it in person. Then my Dad stopped by our house yesterday and saw it and said it looks great, so now I really want to see it for myself!

If we're ever going to get to the coast I have to get out of bed RIGHT NOW!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Dirt Fight

Preston and Daddy got into a dirt fight.

In case you can't tell, Preston didn't win.

Not this time at least. He's still got a lot of years left to take Brad on again though. Better luck next time?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bath Time

Preston loves bath time. Loves it!

And lately he loves it even more when we're at my Mom's house and my sister gives Mason a bath.

He just has to climb in too.

Nothing is better than a bath with your cousin! Right?

Well almost nothing.

But a bath with your cousin, your Auntie, and your Mommy; I think that might just top a bath with your cousin!

Preston insisted that both Jessie and I climb in with him and Mason, so we figured what the heck.

It was only a problem when we got out and I had absolutely no dry clothes and Preston had absolutely no dry clothes.

Which is how Preston ended up dressed like this.

Poor kid. At least he got a bath out of it before he had to use Auntie Rissa's old soccer socks as pants!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Popping In

We're still here.

Here being California.

Loving being on vacation.

Enjoying seeing family that we don't see nearly enough.

Pulling myself away from all of it to run to Starbucks is a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. I'm actually learning to live without an internet connection! *GASP!* Although I do have my phone which is making it a lot easier than going cold turkey would.

I'm going to have soooo much to share when I actually stop in for longer than a minute.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Old And Boring

I've come to the conclusion that I am now an old folk. Old and boring A possible loser. I've finally crossed over the the amazingly lame side.

What? Why? How is all of this possible you ask?

I spent my Friday night, FRIDAY, out buying printer ink cartridges. I didn't even just go to one store, I went to two when Walgreens didn't have what I was looking for. I just had to be able to use my printer!

Oh you're wondering why I needed my printer so bad. I needed to print off some coupons for great deals. COUPONS!

Then just to officially push me off the edge of young and awesome to aging and dull, I told Brad right before my birthday that I was thinking I wanted my car detailed as a gift. I wanted my car CLEANED for my birthday! Brad did convince me not to do it right now as we have some things coming up that will just make spending a bunch of money to have my car deep cleaned pointless, but still I wanted my car cleaned as a birthday gift!

Where do I find my nursing home registration? I wonder if I get a discount for giving them such advance notice?

Friday, July 16, 2010

Don't Mess With Preston...

...Or he'll beat the candy right out of you!

We Made It!!

We survived the drive! And made it to my Grandma's house in California! I'll be back to update with stories of the drive and how it's all going now that we're here. For now though, I'm off to enjoy the sunshine and the pool and seeing family that I haven't seen in a couple years!

I do have some posts ready to post though of things we were up to before we left that I was too busy packing to share, so enjoy!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Vacation...Starting Later Today!

We leave for vacation in the morning. Well technically I guess it is morning now. Just a very early morning.

For the most part I'm ready. I've packed. I've loaded the car. I'm cleaning up the house in the morning. You know later this morning. Then we're outta here.

I do have some nerves about the whole thing though.

I'm not overly concerned (knock on wood) but I'm wondering how well Preston is going to handle the drive. Or more accurately drives. We have four almost full days of driving coming up in the next few weeks. Starting tomorrow. We're driving all the way to just outside of Sacramento, California where my Grandma lives. It's about SIXTEEN hours total. That's a lot of driving. We are going to split it into two days but still Preston's only two and he's got a lot of energy. Here's hoping it all goes well.

I'm worried that I've forgotten something. I keep running through the list in my head. What do we need? What have I already packed? Here's what I need to make sure I grab in the morning. I even had Brad quizzing me on the things he can think of that we might need. It's a big job trying to think of everything we're going to need over the next almost three weeks. I'm just hoping that IF I do forget anything it will be something that can easily be replaced. Or at least wait until we meet up with Brad so that I can just have him bring it with him.

I'm seriously worrying about how well Preston is going to handle the separation from Brad. He is starting to become very attached to Daddy lately. Don't get me wrong he's always loved his Daddy but these days he wakes up asking where he is and when Brad gets home he's all about doing whatever Daddy is doing. We aren't going to see Brad for almost two weeks! Longer than Preston and Brad have ever been apart. I think it might even be longer than Brad and I have been apart since we started dating. I'm really hoping that phone calls will be enough for Preston. And that staying with Nee-Maw and his Aunties and Uncle will help fill the void.

And I'm tired. Tired and I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow. Plus I started rereading the Twilight series after I saw Eclipse and I'm on Eclipse right now and just have to read a little bit of it before I go to bed! What? It really is that good!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Another Busy Weekend

We were busy this weekend!

With me going out of town on Wednesday we had some serious things to get checked off the to do list. Add in that I told myself I would officially be done doing home improvements on Sunday night and we had some serious work to do.

But we put it all off and went to my MIL, Tammy's, house for dinner and fun on Friday night. My SIL, Jen, had come into town and I was dying to see her and her pregnant belly!

Preston was very excited when we got there and saw what Gigi had gotten for him. A bounce house!

We ended up staying late and Preston got tired so while I chatted on the back deck with Tammy and Jen, Brad and Preston climbed into the bounce house to get some sleep! How cute is that?

Preston was so tired that he didn't wake up at all when I pulled him out of the bounce house, moved him into the car, brought him home, and put him to bed.

Saturday was our big day of working on the house and yard. Brad and Tammy made somewhere between five and seven trips picking up dirt and dropping it in our backyard to level out the yard so that we can move on to the next step. Preston LOVED this. All the dirt. And it's soft dirt too. He was thrilled. I'm even told that he was amazed because his Daddy and Gigi can move mountains! That's what the truck loads of dirt looked like to him. He got even more excited when for the last half of their dirt runs I put his car seat into Gigi's truck and he got to go with them.

While Brad, Tammy, and Preston worked on the yard I finished some of the painting in our living room. It took forever. Even though the color that we put on was darker than the color that we'd had up before it still took two coats. But now that it's done all of the painting that I needed to finish before leaving for California is finished!

Sunday morning Brad had to run to work for an hour or so. Since we're going to be leaving and him and Preston are going to be apart for ten whole days (longer than they've EVER been apart), Brad asked Preston if he'd like to come. Preston was all over that. Not only did he get to go to work with Daddy but he also got to ride in Daddy's car for the first time. A big morning of excitement. That only got more exciting when while they were out on the job site Preston got to drive around a back hoe with a friend of Brads. Preston was beyond ecstatic about driving around on this huge construction vehicle I'm told.

We were going to work on some more things around the house when Brad and Preston got home on Sunday but wanted to head over to Tammy's to say good-bye to Jen before she took off. Before we knew it Jen was deciding to stay until the next morning and we were there after dinner! Oops!

We were all just having such a good time and it was sooooo relaxing so we just hung around. Preston had Gigi pull his jump house back out and he raced around the yard playing with that and the sprinkler. And at the end of the night both! He was filling his jump house up with water and bouncing around. I'm thinking summer is definitely going to be Preston's favorite season.

Preston also got in touch with his feminine side. Gigi pulled out some fingernail polish to paint her toes and Preston paid close attention. When she was done he insisted that she needed her fingernails painted as well and he was just the boy to do the job. He took it very seriously and applied a colored coat followed by a clear coat. When he was done he then insisted that I paint his fingernails. Clear only! He is a boy after all. And then he painted mine. Once again clear only, I was not as brave as Gigi. He did a great job don't you think?

Don't even think that I forgot about taking pictures of Jen's belly to show you all this time! She is very possibly the CUTEST pregnant person I have ever seen in my life! I'm not kidding! She is all belly and it's just a little belly! You better believe that I was all over playing with that belly while she was visiting! Madison, my niece, even kicked for me a couple of times! Oh how I miss being pregnant!

The weekend was busy and it looks like the week is going to be the exact same way! Already today I've had concrete people out to lay our edging in the backyard and the carpet installer out to lay the carpet in our new bedroom! And I still having cleaning, laundry, and packing to do before we leave on Wednesday!

Saturday, July 10, 2010


It's summer time!

And for my family that means vacation time!

This year we've got two of them coming up. And coming up soon!

On Wednesday Preston and I leave with my Mom and sisters and possibly my brother based on his decision to come or go and head down to California to visit family. A week in a half of sunshine and lounging around my Grandma or my Aunts pool! Sounds like pure bliss to me. I also plan on teaching Preston how to swim. I'm hoping to get the basics down and then when we get home we'll continue to work on it in our backyard and call this the summer that Preston learned to swim.

From California we head to the Oregon Coast meeting my Dad and Brad for a week long vacation in Lincoln City with my family. My parents rented a house big enough for all of us right on the beach. Well on the bluff overlooking the beach. We have our own private walkway down. It's going to be so relaxing. And fun! I'm looking forward to the aquarium, whale watching, and the outlets! And the food! I love Lincoln City!

I love summer! And vacations!

What I'm not going to love is that neither my Grandma's house or the house we're staying at in Lincoln City have Internet! NONE! I'm already working out a plan to visit Starbucks more in the next few weeks than I have in the last couple of months. What? I'm not a huge coffee drinker so it's really not that many times! I'm planning on popping in from time to time during my Starbucks visits, probably on somewhat of a crazed caffeine high!

I hope you all are enjoying your summers too!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

One Big TV Move

We moved the big tv upstairs!

It was quite the process. It took Brad, my Dad, my brother, and one of my brother's friends. And it took them all about an hour. Just to move the tv from the downstairs to the upstairs.

I'd like to say it was a danger free move, but there were casualties. My Dad's arm got scratched up by the nails in my wall that I hang photos on. My banister got pretty beat up. The walls took a hit when we they attempted to maneuver a too large tv around them.

But they did it.

They would have done it faster and without so much damage if they'd just listened to me and brought it around the back right away instead of trying to make it up the stairs first. But I told myself I wasn't going to say I told you so, okay I am...I told them so!

Instead they fought a hard battle trying to find a way to fit around the banister and up the stairs and they lost.

Ending with the tv getting a nice little walk around our house and up our back deck.

Fortunately it was smooth sailing from there.

And then it found a nice little nook in the new playroom. I guess it really isn't such a little nook, as it is a pretty big tv.

But it's done.

Thank goodness.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Family Party

We ended our long weekend with a family BBQ at my Grandpa's condo. We do it every summer with my side of the family and this year with all of our crazy schedules we did it in July instead of August. Poor Brad had to work so he didn't get to enjoy all the fun.

It started out a little chilly and I was worried as I'd put Preston in jeans on the way up but in the hour long drive he somehow peed all the way through his diaper and jeans. And Super Mom over here only brought him a pair of swim trunks as extra clothes. So when it got chilly, I panicked. Poor Preston was hanging out in swim trunks and a sweatshirt.

Then it rained. After Preston had crawled through the kiddie pool and soaked not only his swim trunks but his only t-shirt and sweatshirt as well.

We spent the rainy part inside, thank goodness. Where Preston's t-shirt and sweatshirt took turns in the dryer. But Preston wouldn't have cared if he was naked, we did the cake and presents part of the party while we were inside. And Preston knows all about presents now. He was very excited about the presents. It was good that a couple of people had brought his gift to this party instead of his birthday party next month!

Lucky me after the rain the sun came out! And we all hit the pool. So those swim trunks came in handy. Unfortunately I'd decided it was going to be too cold for swimming and hadn't brought a suit for myself. I had to improvise with a pair of my little brother's basketball shorts and my tank top. I was pretty freaking good looking...NOT!

Preston wanted to swim so bad, but it was still pretty chilly. I think at max it was 75 degrees on Monday. The pool was heated but when you poked out of the water it was cold! Preston climbed in and out of the pool too many times to count. My poor Dad was soaked from wrapping him in the towel and warming him up over and over. That's what Papa's are for though right?

By the time we got in the car to head home, Preston was exhausted and asleep within minutes!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy Fourth of July!

Like two days ago obviously! I hope that everyone enjoyed their long weekend as much as we enjoyed ours. I also hope that you all took a minute or two or more to stop and think about how incredible it is to live in this country that we live in and to said a BIG thank you to those who make it possible!

We had a calm weekend. With so many projects going on, we had a lot to do. Maybe calm isn't the right word...more that we just had a weekend spent at home working on things.

But the Fourth of July means FIREWORKS, so Sunday night we loaded up and went downtown to watch some fireworks. We can't actually set them off ourselves. Rules, laws, blah, blah. :) Having downtown do all the work works for me.

Preston was interested. Kind of. He liked them. But he also liked the parking lot that we watched them in. I'm not really sure what he was more interested in, watching the fireworks or racing around the parking lot.

I think next year we're going to watch a different fireworks show, one that is more intense and we're actually going to watch close to the show instead of from a close parking lot. Hopefully that will help the fireworks catch Preston's complete interest!