Thursday, June 3, 2010

Well That Sucked

I am constantly leaving my debit card places. I'm not even kidding. I don't leave it behind at stores, although I did leave it behind at one of those little coffee stands once. I just leave it everywhere else. Thrown into my purse. Shoved down in the front seat of my car. On tops of tables or dressers at home. In the back pocket of my jeans. And once even in the pocket of one of Preston's coats. I don't even know how many times I've thought I needed to call and report it lost, you know just in case it actually was. I would hate for someone to find it and steal the millions of dollars in my bank account. Ha!

Today took the cake though. Not that I lost my debit card but the whole situation that I arrived at because of it.

I was with my sister and we picked up a snack at Zips. I pull up to the window to pay and open my wallet to find that my debit card is missing, SURPRISE! No big deal. I keep a Babies/Toys R Us credit card in my wallet so that it's always on hand when I go in (hello, I earn points when I use it there!) and since it's a MasterCard I just use it whenever I lose my debit card. I hand it over. The guy hands it back. Apparently it's expired. Like three days expired.

Fortunately I also keep another emergency only credit card in my wallet. You know just in case I'm ever stranded in the middle of nowhere and my car breaks down and I have to pay to fix it with more money that my checking account holds. That kind of emergency. Not a "I have to have that purse" kind of emergency, just so we're clear.

I've never even pulled that card out of my wallet so it took me a minute to even remember it was there. I'm hoping to remain lucky in that never needed the emergency card until now department.

I hand it over, making a joke that hopefully this one isn't expired too. The guy pokes his head in the window and right back out to inform me that this one's expired too. I thought he was kidding so I was like yeah, I'm sure. Yeah, he was, it expired back in March! I was mortified!

At this point I had to take my second EXPIRED credit card back from the drive-thru guy at Zips and ask my sister if she could please pay the man so we could get the hell out of there.

Oh but it gets better. When we got back to the house, I found my debit card in the pocket of my sweater. Thank God! And while I was ranting about Toys R Us not sending me a new card to replace my expired one, I found my new one. I hadn't even activated the damn thing. But I had acknowledged that they'd sent it to me because I'd put mine away with my credit cards and given Brad his to put away with his copies of our credit cards. It was just awesome.

And the icing on the cake?

My sister and I run down to Fred Meyer to buy a bottle of wine. As we are having a girl's night. And my sister just turned the big twenty-one, so she can buy alcohol now! I'm carrying the bags in and half way up our walk to my front door the bag on one of the bottles breaks and the whole freaking bottle hits the ground and shatters! Wine everywhere. Glass everywhere. My poor big toe even got caught in the wreckage and beaten up by flying glass. F-ing Fred Meyer didn't think our wine needed to be double bagged! I then had to clean up the glass, clean up the wine, and then bandage my toe. Boo!

I am now going to enjoy a glass of wine from the bottle that didn't break. I'd say I've earned it.


Aleta said...

OMG, yes, you definitely deserved a drink after a day like that!

Greg is just as bad though.. I can't tell you how many times he goes somewhere and completely forgets his wallet at home!! If it's not by his keys, he doesn't remember it.

Unknown said...

Hope the wine helped! You also just reminded me that I don't know where my Visa card is....hmmm I should really look for that when I get home from the beach! oops!