Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Meet Caillou, Da-La, Doggy

We stopped into a Build A Bear somewhat recently and decided to do just that, build a bear.

Or more accurately a dog. Out of all of the stuffed animals they had Preston chose a dog. And really not even that cute of a dog. But once he'd decided, he'd decided. I couldn't sway him. Not to the adorable monkey. Or the cute and scary dragon. Not even to the gray kitty. He just wanted the doggy.

What Preston wants, Preston gets. Well for the most part. What can I say he's one spoiled little boy. And I don't just mean on my end. I mean all around. My his Nee-Maw and Grandpa who buy him gifts practically every time they go into a store. By his Gigi who has a basketball hoop in her backyard just for him and who just ordered a jump house for her house because Preston loves them. By his Aunties, who seem to always have a little something for him. He's just a spoiled little boy. A very LOVED and spoiled little boy.

Back to Build A Bear.

We got down to building a bear. When it's time to stuff the bear dog, they have this whole routine that they go through. You give your animal's heart a kiss and a hug for love. You rub it on your belly so your animal won't be hungry. You touch it to your nose so your animal will know your scent. Then you pat it to get it's heart beating. You do some other things that I can't remember now. And in the heart goes. It's cute and Preston loved it.

Once your bear doggy has a heart, it's time to stuff it! Preston had a lot of fun with this one. We'd watched other kids filling up their animals before it was our turn and Preston was just itching to get up there.

Of course after our doggy was stuffed, he definitely needed a shower. It's kind of like how after a hair cut you rinse all the loose hairs off. Doggy needed to rinse all of the extra fluff off. I practically had to drag Preston away from the shower.

But it had to be done. Doggy needed to pick out an outfit and he needed a birth certificate.

We picked out a fabulous outfit. I'm not kidding. It was awesome. I only wish I could have gotten Preston a matching one. How adorable would that have been!?

Preston decided to name his doggy, Caillou. It couldn't possibly be from the little boy on one of his favorite TV shows? Oh yes, I do believe so.

Caillou quickly made his way into Preston's heart. For a day or so. Now he just has a spot in his room that warms a dresser. He was fun while he lasted.


Unknown said...

So cute! I cannot wait until I can take Meredith to Build A Bear and she can make her own special friend!! And I know what you mean about being spoiled. I have been trying really hard recently to not just buy Meredith something all the time. I'm getting better but my family is getting worse! They constantly haven things to give her, or things at their house for her. I don't mind too much, but I worry with our next kid they won't spoil that one as much. As a second child, I constantly worry about our next kid getting the same, haha

Mom said...

Cute! I think this is where we are headed the day we kick the bottle!