Monday, June 21, 2010

It's My Birthday!!

You know what's great about birthdays? Besides the presents and all the free stuff that places send you. Seriously I got a lot of free stuff. If it wasn't a free dessert here or a $10 gift card there it was some sort of a discount just because it's my birthday month. It's enough to make me want it to be my birthday month every month!

But seriously, what's great about my birthday?

Everyone. All of those family and friends; in real life, on my blog, from my past, from the right now. All of them. EVERYONE has made a point to make sure that at some point today I know they were thinking about me. I have received phone calls, text messages, facebook wall posts, and birthday ecards.

I feel special. Very special because of all of these amazing people in my life.

As for my day. I spent the afternoon at Chuck E Cheese with a couple of friends and Preston. I enjoyed myself and Preston enjoyed himself. It was win-win. From there we ran a couple of errands and arrived home at the same time as Brad. Brad and Preston then snuck outside so that Preston could sign my birthday card. I can't remember if I've said it before or not but I LOVE cards. They are a lot of the time my favorite part of a gift! My actual gift from Brad and Preston will be coming later this summer, so I'm excited that I get to extend my birthday a little bit! My Mom then stopped by to drop my (made me want to cry) birthday card off and gift off. I'd planned on having my birthday lunch with my Mom, but that changed because my parent's entire house is sick right now so we're in full avoidance of them and their germs and rescheduled celebrating my birthday with my family for later this week. We ended the night with Brad meeting and fixing a leaking dishwasher for one of the neighbor's that we've never met and an easy dinner. I think I would call this birthday a success!

Both Preston and I might be coming down with something which sucks but at least it didn't rear it's head until the end of the day!

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Unknown said...

What is your present going to be? A trip out to New Jersey to visit with me?? Haha. Don't worry, I'm bad about commenting too! I normally read blogs in my Google Reader and then forget to go back and comment!