Thursday, June 17, 2010


We have a lot on our plate this summer. A LOT! We're going a little crazy with changes around the house. And that's not even mentioning the yard work we're about to embark on! Want to hear a more detailed explanation?

I knew you would! Ha!

I'll start with what we've gotten done so far. It's the small list, or course.
-Replace fixtures in downstairs bathroom. (Towel bars, toilet paper holder, robe hook, etc.)
-Paint downstairs bathroom.
-Paint living room. We've actually only accomplished half of this. I'm waiting to do the second half next week. But what he have painted so far is pure love.

Now here's what we still have to accomplish this summer. Ready? Deep breath, here we go.
-Finish painting the living room.
-Replace the trim in the living room.
-Find tile for the kitchen and put it up.
-Replace the floor and trim in the entryway.
-Paint the playroom.
-Replace the trim in the playroom.
-Order and have new carpet installed in the playroom.
-Move the playroom upstairs into our gigantic master bedroom.
-Move our bedroom into our slightly larger than the average bedroom playroom. (I'll explain more on this later, I swear we do have reasons for doing this.)
-Replace Preston's bedroom window.
-Empty out, clean, and refill the pool.
-Till the backyard all up.
-Put in a sprinkler system in the front and backyard.
-Set up a mow line/flower beds in our backyard.
-Create a sectioned off play area for Preston's swing sets in the backyard.
-Lay sod in the backyard.

WHEW! I think that's it? It's not like we have a lot going on or anything right? Summer hasn't even started yet (because my birthday marks the official start of summer next week!) and I feel like summer is already completely taken over by our to do list! I guess we'll we able to enjoy the second half, as all of this has an estimated done date of the middle of July.

Think we can do it? Any suggestions for time savers?

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Unknown said...

Umm, that is a LOT to get done! I'm tired just thinking about it. I'm sure it will all look awesome when it's done though. I can't wait to see pictures. Crap, this post reminds me though that I am very far behind on my summer projects. I better get started on those soon!