Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Another Project

I still have to hang a towel bar in our downstairs bathroom, err Brad still needs to hang a towel bar in our downstairs bathroom, and put the final towels up and then I will be ready to take and share pictures. I think the color has fought it's way to the top of my favorites in our house. Just like that! It only comes in right behind our dining room's color.

As a result of seeing new color in our house, I decided to get started on repainting our living room. I've been talking about doing it for a month or so now but was simply dreading it. Today I got started. We picked colors out the weekend before last and I finally went down and bought a gallon. Now two of the walls in our living are merlot. And a fabulous merlot at that!

I still have what seems like a million more walls to paint in this house before I am done with this spurt, but we've gotten started! I say we because Brad has been named the official wall painter of our house after seeing how horrible I was at it today and how much better he was at it! I get to tape off and paint the trim while he does the walls. Sadly enough I'm pretty sure my task will take longer than his.


Holly said...

I'm excited to see pictures. Hoping they will give me some inspiration to do my own house.

Unknown said...

I can't wait to see the pictures! The merlot color sounds so pretty. You're lucky that Brad is going to do most of the painting. Skip is no help in that department so it's all me!!