Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Restaurant Faux Pas?

I have a question for all of you. Should you feel the need to weigh in on what you think that is.

Is it wrong to go into a sandwich shop and bring your two year old son a lunch from McDonalds?

Let me explain a little. Give you a little bit of the details and my thoughts on it.

My Mom and I were out running errands when she mentioned that she was dying for a sandwich from a local sandwich shop. She offered to treat us so we were in. With just one little problem, Preston doesn't eat sub sandwiches. Can't say I blame him I barely eat sub sandwiches. In fact I blame both me and Brad for the fact that Preston is such a picky eater. Partially because we are both such picky eaters. Partially lifestyle because I just don't care to fight over whether or not he knows which foods he likes right now and which foods he doesn't.

We solved the problem by just picking Preston up McDonalds. No big deal. I've done it at other places for him and it's never felt like a big deal.

Except that this time it felt like a big deal. The employees all stared. I mean really stared. Uncomfortable staring. I've been in before and not felt this way. I've been in before and been helped by the same people and they were more friendly.

My thoughts are that it wasn't rude. Here's why. We could have just eaten at McDonalds. Very easily could have just picked our food up when we picked Preston's food up. Instead we picked up Preston his food and headed to this sandwich shop to get ours. Where we ordered ourselves sandwiches, chips, a drink, and cookies. Oh the cookies. Yum! By deciding to bring Preston's food into this sandwich shop we brought our business into this sandwich shop.

I tried to make myself feel better by telling myself that not only did we bring our business in, but that everyone in there was either eating a sandwich or waiting for the sandwich that they'd already ordered. Meaning that seeing Preston's McDonalds wasn't going to change the other customer's minds. And even if it did it was too late because they'd already ordered and paid.

Obviously I, personally, think that it was okay that we brought Preston's food into this sandwich shop because we spent money on both my Mom and my full meals. The fact that Preston is only two did play a huge factor in my mind making it an okay thing to do. But to me it still came down to that we very easily could have just eaten at McDonalds. And to be honest it probably would have been better, my sandwich sucked that day.



Domrese Family Blog said...

I think you're good. I will do the exact same thing. I have packed lunches for the kids and taken those into a sit down restaurant to eat. Because, let's face it, I'm not spending money on food I know the boys/girls won't eat, especially when I can pack/bring them something they will eat. I think it's only a big deal when you are using their facilities but not eating anything yourself. Right?

Yankee Girl said...

I am on your side. I think everyone in that sandwich shop needed to realize that you were with a small child. Don't most people bring alone special food for their kids? And don't they do that because kids want what they want?

You could very easily have eaten at McDonalds and those people should have realized that you were giving them business. Hell, you could have just ordered a sandwich but you got the chips and cookie as well.

You're cool in my book. Those other people just need to chill.

Linda said...

My mom is always telling me to do this. But, I refuse. She says she's done it and no one care. However, to me, it seems rude. Maybe it's because I was a waitress for a long time growing up. Or maybe it's because I really want to own a restaurant of some sort some day, and I think it would bother me if someone brought other food into my restaurant. I understand the thought behind it, that at least they're getting some of your business as opposed to none, but it still seems not ok to me. Just my two cents :)

Linda said...

Oh, and for some reason it seems different to me if you were to bring him, like, a pb&j from home as opposed to food from another restaurant.

Unknown said...

I'm on your side. He's a little kid, and it's not like you were going into a four star restaurant or's a sandwich shop! I would have done the same thing

Holly said...

When I worked at Senor Froggy when people did that I never said anything or gave any dirty looks but, it was weird. Although I never really had a reason why it felt weird. It was almost a loyalty issue.

I think maybe the "proper" thing would be to either explain, "I am so sorry but my 2 year old just doesn't eat this food but my mom and I really wanted to eat here, hope that's ok, thanks for understanding, kids will be kids after all." Or just gotten your food to go as well and eaten at home or had a picnic at the park or something.

I don't Kim, that's really a tricky one. You just have to do what you feel is right. People just shouldn't judge and the employees at the sandwich shop shouldn't have been so judgmental because they didn't know your situation at all.

Aleta said...

Down the street from us, we have a subway restaurant and also a Chinese restaurant. Plenty of times, I want Chinese and Greg wants subway. So we go to each place and I have no problem with taking my food into the subway, but we don't eat there. We go home with the food. But... if we had a child, absolutely, I'd have no problem with bringing McDonald's into another restaurant for a child. People know that kids love McDonald's and you ARE a paying customer for your meal. So, I think you're perfectly fine for what you did :)