Thursday, May 13, 2010

Me Vs Technology

I mentioned last week that I was having some issues with technology. I know you all must be just dying with curiosity.

It's a good thing I'm here to satisfy that curiosity.

First I broke the speaker on my phone. During a work out I somehow spilled water into the speaker and it just stopped working. Completely shut down. All of a sudden I had no sound. None. I freaked out to say the least.

I should mention that when we talk about who's iPhone will break first my husband and I always assume that it will be his because he brings it to work with him and he works in construction. At this point I always tell him that it will suck when that happens and he has to go back to the old blackberry. I never thought that it might be my phone that breaks first.

I frantically got searching for somewhere that I could find a new one for cheap. Lucky me I took my hair dryer to it as well before shutting it down. When I turned it back on about half and hour later it was working! Oh happy day!

Fast forward to Sunday night and Monday. My laptop's wifi stops working. I can't get my internet connection to actually you know connect! It works but it takes FOREVER! I'm frustrated and cranky.

Whoa, now it's Tuesday. Preston and me are running around doing all of our grocery shopping. I tell him we should play the quiet game and hand him my phone. It works for a couple of aisles before he tosses it back to me. Yep, it hits the floor. That isn't even the problem. When I get to the car I pull it out and realize Preston has locked it! Locked it! I don't even know how he did that! You have to enter the same code twice to program it as a pass code. Preston somehow seemed to manage to do this.

I spent the next two hours waiting for Brad to get home and praying that he could fix it. And that somehow we would be able to save all of my photos and videos. And contacts. And apps. And texts. And well everything.

I also spent this time attempting to guess the unlock code. And dealing with being locked out of my phone with every wrong attempt. For example did you know that if you try the wrong lock code too many times the max lock out is an hour. But that hour follows 30 minutes. Which follows 15 minutes. Which follows 5 minutes. I went through this twice just in case you all were wondering. Desperate times, desperate measures.

Brad was finally able to back everything up onto my crappy laptop. Then start my restore. That whole process took about THREE F-ING HOURS!

Should we add that up? I was locked out of my phone for like five hours. FIVE! And my laptop wasn't working. That adds up to a total of no technology.

I finally had to leave. Leave the house. Leave my phone. Leave the child that did it. Leave the husband that was fixing it. This girl needed to just take a minute to process.

Guess what? My phone was working when I got home. Fully restored and everything. My laptop seems to have made a full recovery too. It only took all of last week and Brad doing some serious fine tuning to all that crap that I'd somehow added to it.

I'm thinking this might mean that this time it's Technology - 0 Me -3. It was a close fight though. A very close fight. It's a good thing I won to because I do believe my sanity was on the line!


Frugal Vicki said...

Awww, Kim, your husband sounds like such a sweetheart! And I am glad that you knew your limits and got away. It is always my fear when my computers run slow that they have an un-fixable virus. I also work from home, so I HAVE to have it.

Unknown said...

Hopefully your technology curse has lifted and everything is working well! I have a total love hate relationship with technology. Why can't they make things easier? And more kid proof?? Glad Brad got it all fixed for you though! I'm the same way too, if I'm really upset and frustrated I just need to leave the house a bit and calm down