Monday, May 17, 2010

Kill Me Now

I'm serious! I have the worst headache. And by that I do mean for headaches that I get. I fully realize that I've got nothing on those of you that get migraines.

I very rarely get headaches. Very rarely. So when I do I make sure that anyone within hearing (or blogging) distance gets to hear about it.


I'm even more irritated by it because I know why it hurts. I get muscle tension headaches. From a car accident that I was in back in high school. They are typically pretty non-existent but they pop up from time to time.

Sometimes as a result from me being stressed which causes me to be tense all the time, resulting in a headache. This I'm sure is the case right now. I've been taking some of my old muscle relaxers to help and have decided that I'm scheduling a massage tomorrow! That seems to help a lot every time these damn headaches decide to make an appearance.

For now I'm off to bed. Hopefully to sleep away this misery!


Mom said...

I just learned that caffeine helps!!!! Drink a pop. It constricts the capillaries in your head to stop your headache! THat's what my OB recommended to me for my 3 day headache. A pop and 2 tylenol :)

Unknown said...

I hope that your headache is all better now! Definitely try some caffeine as well....but that massage sounds like a great idea! I think all moms should be required to get monthly massages!