Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Late Mother's Day all! Late Mother's Day, that is.

I went back and forth and back and forth on how I wanted to write this. I'm struggling to find a balance between getting my feelings out and sounding grateful. Sounds fun doesn't it? I'm going to do my best. Please excuse me if I sound more bitchy or whiny than I'm intending to.

The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Sunday morning I woke up to Brad already out of bed. Out of bed because he'd gone down to purchase me a last minute Mother's Day gift.

Here's where we get to the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The good? Brad got me a card. A card that was exactly what I wanted. I love cards. Love them. They are most of the time my favorite part any gift. The sweeter the better! And that's exactly what this card was. Plus Preston signed it himself, with a little help from Daddy of course.

The bad? Brad also picked up flowers and foods for breakfast. Not exactly my favorites. Honestly both are not even close to my top favorites. I'm not a huge fan of getting flowers, especially if those flowers were paid for from our bank account. I just can't help but think about what a waste it is. The flowers don't last all that long and then they die. Just a waste. To me at least. And Brad knows this. I tell him all the time that I just don't like getting flowers.

Breakfast is another one for me personally that I just don't love. I'm more of a lunch and dinner person. Brad on the other hand is a huge breakfast person. Breakfast is his favorite meal. He surprised me by making me breakfast on Mother's Day. Not just any breakfast though. A breakfast full of Brad's favorite foods. It was so sweet of him thinking about what I would have wanted like that.

The ugly? After making himself me breakfast Brad was tired. So tired that he climbed back into bed. Back into bed where he spent the rest of the day. I'm not joking, the rest of the day in bed watching movies on Mother's Day. I cleaned up Brad's my Mother's Day breakfast and the rest of the kitchen mess. I may or may not have slammed a few cupboards and thrown a few dishes into the sink. I was less than thrilled. To say it nicely.

Add in that all I wanted to do was take a bath by myself and while I was attempting to do that Brad was not watching Preston and when I came out Preston had destroyed the living room that I had just picked up. Every cushion and pillow from the couch was now on the floor along with half a bag of chips. Good times that only got better when my darling husband acted as though if I hadn't taken a bath ON MOTHER'S DAY this wouldn't have happened!

Preston and myself finished the day up at my parent's house where I celebrated Mother's Day the right way by having dinner made for us and cleaned up by my dad, little sisters, and brother. We then spent the rest of the night jumping on the trampoline (Preston) and lounging on the couch (me)! It was lovely.

Preston did an amazing job of making sure that he made my Mother's Day the best that he could make it. He spent the entire day telling me, "Happy Mother's Day Mama!" I think he just loved my response every time he did it but it was so stinkin' cute! I loved it. And when he wasn't telling me happy mother's day, he was telling me, "You are the prettiest gurlul in the world!" I know what you are thinking, how did I get so lucky with this one!

My sister did help out with the pretty comment. On Friday I was feeling ugly and announced it while we were at my Mom's house along with that I was not leaving the house. Jessie, my sister, sent Preston into the bathroom where I was assessing the damage and had him tell me that I was the prettiest girl in the world. Just about broke my heart!

That about sums up my Mother's Day. I'm the prettiest girl in the world who doesn't like breakfast, flowers, or cleaning up the major mess from breakfast while her husband lays in bed all day watching movies, but does love sweet cards signed by a two year old with Daddy's help!


Kelly said...

LOL, I had to laugh about the breakfast thing because that's exactly what Jim did! :D Men!!!

Holly said...

My husband worked 10 to 6. I spent the day with my mom. While it was good, there was nothing done to celebrate ME as a mother.

Unknown said...

Okay, why are we not best friends?? Haha. I had a very similar MOther's Day. Skip was working from 7-3, and while that wasn't his fault (and he had tried to take off) I didn't feel like he made up for it when he got home. I also got a card and some flowers, but that was it. We had to order in dinner because Meredith was being really fussy. I had to get Meredith her dinner and put her to bed. Skip did clear the dishes, but he left them in the sink...he didn't even put them in the dishwasher! I felt really bad complaining to him, because he is constantly doing sweet things, but I was just so sad that the one day that's supposed to be all about me, he fell short. That's fine because I've just decided I'm not celebrating Mother's Day anymore since last year wasn't any better!