Friday, May 7, 2010

First Overnight Camping Trip

We spent last weekend camping. I took a lot of pictures camping. My internet, or rather my laptop's wifi, isn't working properly. Thus this post and all of the other ones in my drafts folder have just been sitting. Add in a family medical emergency, Brad's grandpa, and I just haven't been able to create this blog post until now.

I'm doing it now though. And it's not quite a week late. That's got to count for something right? And if it doesn't well, I threw in a lot of pictures to make it up to all five of you who care.

Shall we begin?

My Mom rented out some cabins up at Priest Lake for last weekend and invited us all up. We were forewarned that while the bathrooms were working, the showers were not. It sounded fun even without showers and it was just for the weekend we could survive that. Plus Preston had never been camping overnight before, so we figured he'd enjoy it. And yes I realize that sleeping in a cabin isn't exactly camping but these cabins simply had beds (with like one inch thick mattresses) and a small "keep you from freezing to death" heater. That's about as roughing it as I'm going to get with Preston, at least this summer. Not to mention that it was free! We were sold.

Preston spent the first night we were there doing this...

He'd fallen asleep in the car at 7:45pm about fifteen minutes before we arrived. He then decided to go ahead and sleep through the rest of the night. With the exception of waking up twice. First a little after Brad arrived. He woke up more than a little confused as to where we were and only needed me to lay down with him in order to fall back asleep. He then woke up again around 1am freaking out. He didn't want to be there, wanted to go home, didn't want to sleep there, wanted his juice, wanted his water, wanted his backpack. He got so hysterical that I almost packed up right then and there and said we were done. Luckily his kitty cats, doggies, and backpack were able to calm him down enough that I could convince him we should stay the rest of the night. We had to read a book, snuggle, and he was ready for bed again.

When we woke up Saturday morning, he was much more excited about where we were.

He explored the top bunk...

Then we ventured outside. It was not warm by any means! It was cold. Preston was in long johns on top and bottom, water resistant pants, a sweatshirt, his winter jacket, a hat, gloves, and snow boots for most of the day. Not that he really seemed to mind with so much exploring to do...

Preston also joined the big boys in a little football playing. I think we may have a future quarterback on our hands! Either way I can't wait for Preston to be old enough to try out pee-wee football and see if he still likes it then as much as he does now!

We also discovered some deer poop. Preston was appropriately excited and intrigued.

And then showed me his "ewwwww" face!

Preston was incredibly helpful too. He did some digging for us. What he was digging for I'm not sure, but he dug for it. And hauled firewood to the campsite for us. I'm thinking we're going to keep him around for another I don't know 100 years or so.

Mason enjoyed camping too! He was a lot of work though. My poor sister was exhausted. But he had fun! And seemed to enjoy all the fresh air and walks and being surrounded by everyone all day.

Preston took full advantage of being outside. He went hiking with Grandpa and Grandma. Checked out the river and the woods. He had to be dragged back. Literally. My Dad carried him kicking and screaming away from the water.

He then went to visit the lake and the docks with Grandma. Preston is clearly a water obsessed little boy! My Mom said that they walked the docks back and forth over and over again! At the end of the dock Preston would announce that it was broken because it didn't stretch all the way across the lake!

Since I didn't get to go on the first walk with my parents, we all headed out again. To do some more exploring. Along the campground. Around the river. Hopefully to drain some of Preston's never ending energy.

Now that Mason's here there is one grandchild for each of my parents!

While Preston was draining some of his never ending energy, Mason was attempting to build his stockpile.

While we were camping Preston decided that Grandpa was his best buddy! He only wanted to walk and hike and explore with Grandpa thankyouverymcuh!

Even though Grandpa was his buddy Preston also wanted to do some exploring on his own. On his own as far away as Mommy was comfortable with him being. I mean lions and tigers and bears people!

I attempted to get a picture of Preston with the gorgeous setting, but is it just me or does he look more afraid than happy in this picture?

Right before dinner we headed off around the campsite in search of firewood for the night. Brad had gone a little fire crazy all day so even though we'd brought a ton of firewood with us somehow we were almost out. Since we were just driving around the campsite we all rode in the back of the truck. Preston seemed to think it was pretty awesome. Most likely especially because his Mommy is a car seat safety nazi! To be able to ride in the back of the truck was so exciting for him! And then when it got chilly we moved inside where Preston was very excited to be able to ride next to Grandpa. I swear we stayed inside the campsite and the truck was barely even moving and didn't really go all that far. Preston was pretty cute too, when we stopped and everyone gathered firewood he said we were all at work!

After dinner I convinced Brad to leave the fire long enough to come for a walk with me and Preston. We ended up at the playground. Preston had been eyeing the playground at the end of our last walk and I'd promised him that if he ate all of his dinner we'd come back. He ate all of his dinner, so we went back!

We finished Saturday playing in my parent's cabin. A final photo shoot for the day.

Sunday we got up and packed up and headed home. Home to rinse off the smell of campfire and all the dirt. I think it's safe to say we'll be back, but not until the shower's are up and running!


Holly said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. But cold! I don't think I could do the cold. Preston sure didn't seem to mind though. You guys were busy!

Courtney said...

Thanks for putting up all the pictures! Its making me so jealous though! I had decided to forgo camping this year because I was worried about keeping Mal warm and also because we will need to buy a bigger tent now that there are so many of us. But now I think I'm going to be calling up Melanie and seeing if she wants to go! (Im still not brave enough to do it alone!)

Yankee Girl said...

I love camping! It looks like you all had a great time. You were troopers for braving the cold.

I think you are the first mom I have ever heard say that they want their child to play football!

Frugal Vicki said...

Those are absolutely priceless pictures!! Some of them were stunning and I bet would look awesome in black and white!

Unknown said...

You are a far braver than me! There is no way I will ever go camping!! I like being outside, but I like electricity more. I'm just so not a fan of woods and animals and 'roughing it' haha. But it looks like you guys had such a great time! I love all the pictures!