Monday, May 24, 2010

Blah Blah Blah

How did we spend our weekend? Doing a whole lot of nothing. Nada. Not a thing really.

Poor Preston. Stuck with two parents who locked themselves up this weekend just exhausted. And that's how I felt just tired.

We did get out of the house a couple of times. We just didn't do anything exciting. At least not unless you consider trips to Fred Meyer, Walmart, and Home Depot exciting. I don't. Not exciting at all.

At least I kicked this weekend off with some fun. I headed out for dinner with my oldest friend. Yes Jenny that would be you! She is getting ready to move away from me! Boo! But at least going to visit her gives me an excuse for a girl's weekend!

Saturday we were going to run some errands. Going to until we got off to a late start and then when I tried to get us all to get a move on, Preston further deterred us. He popped a lens out of Brad's glasses. That was a major set back. Brad got cranky. I got antsy. Preston was still bouncing around the house.

Preston and I did finally get out of the house. To run to Fred Meyer to get Brad some super glue. And then to run back to Fred Meyer after we dropped the super glue off at home. I'm on the hunt for sandals for Preston and I can't seem to find ones I like anywhere. I still didn't find any that I liked at Fred Meyer so it was almost a wasted trip. We hung out at Grandpa and Grandma's house for a little while so that Brad could finish fixing his glasses without Preston's help. For some reason he didn't want Preston's help. I know, that was a shock to me too.

Sunday started out lazy. Before I knew it the morning and most of the afternoon had already flown by. I was determined to get out of the house so we headed to Home Depot. I wanted to take a peek at some flowers. I'm thinking about putting some potted plants around the back deck, so I wanted to try to get an idea for flowers. We left with a grand total of none. I realized I should probably get the pots before I got the plants. And I couldn't decide on what I wanted.

We ended up at Walmart since it's so close to Home Depot, where I made the mistake of picking up a bookcase for Preston. He needed a new one for his bedroom as his had been more than overflowing. I'd finally gotten sick of looking at it so I emptied all the books out onto the floor and moved the bookcase into a different room where it would actually work out better and not be so overflowing. That seemed like a great idea at first. Until I realized that leaving Preston's books just sitting on the floor for the last couple weeks wasn't such a great idea. The bookcase wasn't such a great idea as it was cheap. Really cheap. And Brad put it together today and it shows. Which means that we get to take it apart tomorrow and take it back. Then I get to hunt for a new bookcase. One that isn't so cheap and flimsy but also isn't a crazy amount of expensive as it is going in Preston's bedroom where he will get right to work on destroying it.

Sunday finished off at my parent's house. Preston got to play outside with Auntie Rissa, Brad fixed my parent's hose bib, and I got out of making dinner as my Mom fed us!

Thus was our weekend. I thoroughly apologize for boring you all with the details!


Susan said...

Hey Kim you should look on Craigslist for a bookcase. I'm sure you could find one on there for a good price and then you wouldn't have to put it together either. You could find a really nice one that's not so flimsy for a good price I bet.

Unknown said...

I find it is just so hard to get motivated to get stuff done sometimes...especially with a toddler running around! I agree with the comment above me...definitely check out craigslist. You could always paint it if you don't like the color!