Monday, May 31, 2010

Boys, Boys, Boys

Or maybe just boy and boy. My two favorite little boys. Just in case you were wondering.

Aren't they just the cutest? We are seriously attempting to take advantage of all the photo ops that come with these two little monkeys! With the addition of the little niece that I have coming, pictures will get even more fun!

We had a wonderful weekend and since I am still recovering from all of it I pulled some pictures taken from before the crazy weekend to share with you all.

I have not forgotten what today is. I hope you all took a moment to say a BIG thank you today to all the men and women in service, both past and present. I know I am incredibly thankful for everything they do for you, me, and all of our family and friends.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


It's about that time again! Time for a Preston update. These are my favorites too. I love realizing how much he's grown and how much more he knows. Mostly though I love remembering all the ways my little monster keeps me on my toes.

He's really big on role play. His imagination is just going crazy. Everyone is something. Even his toys. It's so much fun to watch the stories that he's creating in his head.

He's all sorts of friendly. Seriously Preston hasn't met someone he doesn't consider a friend. And I do mean hasn't met someone. As in two seconds after meeting a person he considers them his friend. He walked right up to our neighbor and said, "Hi, I'm Preston." No big thing. I don't know that I could do that as an adult! Ha!

He's been naming things lately. But it's not all that creative. Every single thing is "Dai-la". His kitty cats. His toys. People. It's all the same to him. Even the baby in Aunt Jessie's tummy. I think she's taking it into consideration. Not! But if you ask Preston to name something that's what he names it.

Speaking of babies in the tummy. Preston is very interested in those babies. Everyone has a baby in their tummy. Or he wants to know. He'd also like me to have a baby in my tummy. Sorry kid. Not happening.

But if it was he'd make a great big brother since he keeps getting me things for the baby in my tummy.
babies in tummies

Except for that part where he is very insistent that he doesn't want, "No sister. No brother. Neither!"

It's a little bit of a problem for the babies in the tummy.

Preston is not up for sharing his Mommy just yet!

He is all sorts of bossy these days. Going around telling everyone what to do. Even his little friends. If you need something to do just find Preston he'll tell you what to do and where to go. I'm thinking it goes with the oldest and only child territory.

He knows what he wants. And it's not enough that he wants it. He insists he NEEDS it. Like it's some sort of an emergency.

Even at almost three, he's still the best little cuddler. Hops right up and snuggles in. It definitely helps make up for all of that two year old behavior!

Oh my word the gag reflex on this one. It's insane. Even the smells of certain foods and he's gagging. Something tells me food is going to be quite the battle with this one!
Easy gag reflex.

I was getting in the shower the other day and Preston was watching TV and Yo Gabba Gabba was just starting. It's not a show he typically watches and it was just starting so I was going to go with it because Mama needs a shower. Apparently there's a reason we don't usually watch that one.

Yo Gabba Gabba: "Hello Friends!"

Preston: "I not your friend."

Well then. That settles that!

Just an average day in the life around here.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Chuck Chuck

We are BIG fans of Chuck E Cheese around here. BIG fans. I don't think we ever turn down a chance to go.

Preston has even warmed up to the big guy! It was touch and go there for a little bit but now he gets excited when Chuck Chuck appears.

Preston even tried FIVE whole bites of their pizza the last time we were there. This is huge. Preston is not an adventurous eater by any means. Just to get him to try those five bites I had to start prepping him the night before. I informed him that we would only be going if he tried a bite of pizza and he agreed. Once we arrived I held him to it. One bite turned into more bites. All of a sudden we were at FIVE bites! I'm sure promising him more of those little spiders behind the prize counter helped. And granted they were very tiny bites, but they were bites!

Chuck E Cheese is always much more fun with friends! As evidenced by Preston and Zack...

Lucky Preston we are going again tomorrow! Once every two weeks isn't too often now is it? Let's see if we can get to six bites this time! I've already started prepping him for it!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Blah Blah Blah

How did we spend our weekend? Doing a whole lot of nothing. Nada. Not a thing really.

Poor Preston. Stuck with two parents who locked themselves up this weekend just exhausted. And that's how I felt just tired.

We did get out of the house a couple of times. We just didn't do anything exciting. At least not unless you consider trips to Fred Meyer, Walmart, and Home Depot exciting. I don't. Not exciting at all.

At least I kicked this weekend off with some fun. I headed out for dinner with my oldest friend. Yes Jenny that would be you! She is getting ready to move away from me! Boo! But at least going to visit her gives me an excuse for a girl's weekend!

Saturday we were going to run some errands. Going to until we got off to a late start and then when I tried to get us all to get a move on, Preston further deterred us. He popped a lens out of Brad's glasses. That was a major set back. Brad got cranky. I got antsy. Preston was still bouncing around the house.

Preston and I did finally get out of the house. To run to Fred Meyer to get Brad some super glue. And then to run back to Fred Meyer after we dropped the super glue off at home. I'm on the hunt for sandals for Preston and I can't seem to find ones I like anywhere. I still didn't find any that I liked at Fred Meyer so it was almost a wasted trip. We hung out at Grandpa and Grandma's house for a little while so that Brad could finish fixing his glasses without Preston's help. For some reason he didn't want Preston's help. I know, that was a shock to me too.

Sunday started out lazy. Before I knew it the morning and most of the afternoon had already flown by. I was determined to get out of the house so we headed to Home Depot. I wanted to take a peek at some flowers. I'm thinking about putting some potted plants around the back deck, so I wanted to try to get an idea for flowers. We left with a grand total of none. I realized I should probably get the pots before I got the plants. And I couldn't decide on what I wanted.

We ended up at Walmart since it's so close to Home Depot, where I made the mistake of picking up a bookcase for Preston. He needed a new one for his bedroom as his had been more than overflowing. I'd finally gotten sick of looking at it so I emptied all the books out onto the floor and moved the bookcase into a different room where it would actually work out better and not be so overflowing. That seemed like a great idea at first. Until I realized that leaving Preston's books just sitting on the floor for the last couple weeks wasn't such a great idea. The bookcase wasn't such a great idea as it was cheap. Really cheap. And Brad put it together today and it shows. Which means that we get to take it apart tomorrow and take it back. Then I get to hunt for a new bookcase. One that isn't so cheap and flimsy but also isn't a crazy amount of expensive as it is going in Preston's bedroom where he will get right to work on destroying it.

Sunday finished off at my parent's house. Preston got to play outside with Auntie Rissa, Brad fixed my parent's hose bib, and I got out of making dinner as my Mom fed us!

Thus was our weekend. I thoroughly apologize for boring you all with the details!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Flower Planting Party

I've mentioned that I wanted to plant some flowers in our front yard a time or two. While I wanted flowers in the front yard, I for some reason wasn't doing anything to actually get flowers planted in our front yard.

Enter my fabulous mother in law. She texts me asking if I'm home because she has plants. Heck yes I'm home! Although I will admit to being a little confused when she said she had plants.

Then she arrived. With plants. And dirt. And mulch. And a decorative mow line. I think I hit the jackpot.

You know, I think Preston might have hit more of a jackpot than I did. He was beyond thrilled about this new digging project. He went right to work.

Afterwards he insisted that we take pictures. Pictures of him with the flowers. Pictures of just the flowers. It all had to be photographed!

He had so much fun that Gigi invited him over for a flower planting party at her house the next week.

We arrived and Preston was very excited to see all the flowers. He was interested and a willing helper at first. Then he saw the sprinkler. And the basketball hoop. The balls. The rocks. The sheer beauty of being outside. He did plant a couple of flowers though. And pose for some pictures.

Now we just have to keep our share of the flowers alive! As long as Preston is in charge of watering them I think we have to worry about them getting too much to drink rather than not enough!

Restaurant Faux Pas?

I have a question for all of you. Should you feel the need to weigh in on what you think that is.

Is it wrong to go into a sandwich shop and bring your two year old son a lunch from McDonalds?

Let me explain a little. Give you a little bit of the details and my thoughts on it.

My Mom and I were out running errands when she mentioned that she was dying for a sandwich from a local sandwich shop. She offered to treat us so we were in. With just one little problem, Preston doesn't eat sub sandwiches. Can't say I blame him I barely eat sub sandwiches. In fact I blame both me and Brad for the fact that Preston is such a picky eater. Partially because we are both such picky eaters. Partially lifestyle because I just don't care to fight over whether or not he knows which foods he likes right now and which foods he doesn't.

We solved the problem by just picking Preston up McDonalds. No big deal. I've done it at other places for him and it's never felt like a big deal.

Except that this time it felt like a big deal. The employees all stared. I mean really stared. Uncomfortable staring. I've been in before and not felt this way. I've been in before and been helped by the same people and they were more friendly.

My thoughts are that it wasn't rude. Here's why. We could have just eaten at McDonalds. Very easily could have just picked our food up when we picked Preston's food up. Instead we picked up Preston his food and headed to this sandwich shop to get ours. Where we ordered ourselves sandwiches, chips, a drink, and cookies. Oh the cookies. Yum! By deciding to bring Preston's food into this sandwich shop we brought our business into this sandwich shop.

I tried to make myself feel better by telling myself that not only did we bring our business in, but that everyone in there was either eating a sandwich or waiting for the sandwich that they'd already ordered. Meaning that seeing Preston's McDonalds wasn't going to change the other customer's minds. And even if it did it was too late because they'd already ordered and paid.

Obviously I, personally, think that it was okay that we brought Preston's food into this sandwich shop because we spent money on both my Mom and my full meals. The fact that Preston is only two did play a huge factor in my mind making it an okay thing to do. But to me it still came down to that we very easily could have just eaten at McDonalds. And to be honest it probably would have been better, my sandwich sucked that day.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

To Grandmother's House We Go

My Grandma and her boyfriend recently bought some property about forty-five minutes from us and we headed up to check it out recently.

It's pretty out in the middle of nowhere. Really out in the middle of nowhere. We had to off road it to get to where they'd parked their fifth wheel. Oh yes, I said fifth wheel. They bought 20 acres of completely undeveloped land. No electricity. No water. But there are trees. Lots of trees.

Preston loved every second of it. Every single second. Not that we were surprised he's a little boy, this was heaven to him.

We hiked. The first time, Preston walked with us. It was a disaster. At least on the hiking front. Preston had to stop at almost every single patch of flowers to pick at least one, sometimes more, and then we had to put them in his pocket and zip them up. It was adorable. But it made it hard to keep up with everyone else.

The next time we hiked we tossed Preston into the backpack and poor Brad got to pack him around. Preston was less than thrilled about this at first. Then he seemed to start to enjoy it. He got to see everything without having to pay attention to where he was walking and added bonus he got to relax and enjoy the ride.

It was especially nice for Preston when it began to rain and we just pulled out his canopy and he stayed dry while the rest of us got wet on the hike back to the car.

The rain did end our day at Grandma's house property. And rain it did. When I was trying to get Preston situated in the car, I was getting soaked!

Luckily for Preston he did the tractor riding earlier in the day. He was obsessed with the tractor and was not thrilled when it was time to leave the tractor alone.

I'm sure we'll be back, especially with warmer weather coming!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Kill Me Now

I'm serious! I have the worst headache. And by that I do mean for headaches that I get. I fully realize that I've got nothing on those of you that get migraines.

I very rarely get headaches. Very rarely. So when I do I make sure that anyone within hearing (or blogging) distance gets to hear about it.


I'm even more irritated by it because I know why it hurts. I get muscle tension headaches. From a car accident that I was in back in high school. They are typically pretty non-existent but they pop up from time to time.

Sometimes as a result from me being stressed which causes me to be tense all the time, resulting in a headache. This I'm sure is the case right now. I've been taking some of my old muscle relaxers to help and have decided that I'm scheduling a massage tomorrow! That seems to help a lot every time these damn headaches decide to make an appearance.

For now I'm off to bed. Hopefully to sleep away this misery!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Hello There Mr Adorable

I feel like I should start this off with a confession and a warning.

Preston was feeling extra lovey toward the camera.

I'm almost ashamed to admit that I took advantage of this.

There are A LOT of pictures that I feel like I absolutely have to share with you.

Phew, I'm so glad I got all of that of my chest!