Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Tale Of Poop And Woe

I took a shower yesterday morning. Well late yesterday morning. Preston was watching cartoons so I figured it was a good a time as any.

I was enjoying my shower too. Taking a long one. Shaving my legs. Really washing my hair. Loving that all was good in the world.

Until Preston came in to play and then announced that he'd pooped his diaper. Even better was that he pooped his diaper in the bathroom while standing next to his toilet. I mean seriously? The kid will run from downstairs to go in his potty some days and others he clearly has no issue going in his diaper right next to potty. Hence our lack of moving forward or backward on potty training.

But this is not about potty training. Not exactly.

I still needed to rinse off so I asked him to wait. Told him it would just be a minute. I'd be right there. And next time could he please PLEASE just go in the potty that was right next to him.

He came back in a minute later to tell me that the floor was yellow. I was more than a little confused. How could the floor be yellow? I asked him what on Earth he could possibly mean. He was so insistent that the floor was yellow that I climbed out of the shower to follow him to the living room.

That was when I realized that my child, the very same child who'd just told me that he'd pooped his diaper, was no longer wearing a diaper.

Any thoughts on why the floor was yellow? Any? I'll let you in on a little secret. It has to do with Preston not wearing his poopy diaper.

Preston had pulled his diaper off and DRAGGED his poopy butt along our not even a year old carpet. I was in such shock that I just stood there in my towel for a minute.

I didn't even know what to do or how to react. I was just shocked.

I wish that I could say I was disgusted. I wasn't. I'm not going to lie when I came out of that shock I went into a panic on how to make sure this didn't ruin the carpet. This is not the most disgusting thing Preston has done yet and I'm sure it won't be the most disgusting thing he ever does.

To prove my point, when I told Brad he asked if it was as bad as the time when Preston was around 7 months and I'd left him diaper less for just a minute only to turn around to Brad screaming in horror. Preston was crawling around our living room pooping. Pooping the runny poop of a child not yet eating anything but breast milk and purees. That was bad. That was disgusting. It was everywhere that time. He'd made a big circle of poop all over the living room in just a matter of seconds. Hence the new carpet.

This was not nearly as bad. I handled this. And with the help of our Little Green our carpet survived this.

Looks like I'm going to have to start duct taping those diapers on before I get in the shower from now on. You know, just in case. That's not child abuse is it?


Yankee Girl said...

Totally not child abuse.

At least I don't think so.

But I am sure if anyone questioned you about it they would totally understand after you tell them why you had to do it!

shelley said...

i haven't been over in a bit and thought i'd stop by and say "hi" and see what's up in your part of blogasphere.. totally cracked up my oldest did a little ditty like this when she was a babe and thought it would be fun to "finger paint" with her poop on her pink walls... i didn't know whether to laugh or cry then!
shelley :)