Sunday, April 11, 2010

I'm Not Bitter should I sum up our weekend? I guess I should just start from the beginning.

For me it all started Friday night. I was chatting with a friend about the funk I feel like I've been in. Watching my to do list grow and feeling no desire to get any of it done. Walking around the various messes around the house and pretending to not really notice them. Not getting out to enjoy the sporadic good weather. Constantly saying that I will start exercising...tomorrow. The longer it goes on the worse my motivation gets. She told me to basically get over it. Good advice. I decided to use it. Starting Saturday. I was serious this time, really I was.

Saturday morning I took this new found energy and put it to use. I cleaned our ENTIRE upstairs. The whole damn thing. The bedroom. The bathroom. The living room. The dining room. The kitchen. All of it. All by myself. And all this after not even getting out of bed until 11am! I know that sounds lazy, BUT in my defense that was what time Preston woke us all up. That's not even the latest that he's slept in this week, Friday he slept until 11:30am!

Now that you hate me a little bit, I'll continue. I swear though it's not my fault he sleeps late. Or maybe it is, I'm a night owl by nature and not a morning person in the slightest so maybe it's genetics. Or just luck.

Our Saturday continued on with a quick visit to the store before my sister and her boyfriend arrived for dinner. And then another quick trip to the store to pick up the steaks for dinner. Plus a couple other things as I seem to have a hard time leaving even a grocery store with just one thing. Then back home again.

Where Brad bbq'd some steaks up for us. The only thing he actually managed to do all day Saturday. All day. You know while I was cleaning. And doing laundry. And changing diapers.

Sunday arrived. We were up bright and early again. I think this time Preston had us up at 10-ish? Again don't hate me. He was also up late. Give a little get a little.

I lazed around part of Sunday. Too tired to do anything. Until I realized I had to get back up and going or I'd fall right back into that rut. The rut that I'd only just begun to pull myself out of.

So off to the grocery store Preston and I went, yet again. Then back home where Preston and I made dinner together. From scratch I should add. We made calzones. Yum! They were soooo good. All the while Brad loaded music on to his iPhone. Which he'd pretty much been doing since he woke up. I should add that he did get Preston cheese and crackers for lunch, but that about sums his day up.

After dinner I cleaned the kitchen and dining room up again. Switched some more laundry. Sorted through Preston's upstairs toys because they were starting to become a little overwhelming. Straightened up the living room. And asked Brad for the millionth time to please change the kitty boxes.

That sums up my weekend. I am trying very hard not to be bitter about the fact that my weekend was a whirlwind and Brad's was a ridiculous amount of lazy. I'm also reminding myself that my weekend was so busy because I'd put off doing so much this week while my husband was working twelve hour days. You know supporting our family and making it possible for me to even be in a rut.

I'm sure the fact that I'm PMSing really hasn't helped any of this. Which also leads me to ask if I eat far too many pieces of Easter candy and then eat a bowl of strawberries covered in sugar do they cancel each other out?

And Brad did eventually change those kitty boxes. Right before he headed to bed. You know so that he can go back to work today once again making it possible for me to continue to pull myself out of this damn rut. And suddenly I actually don't feel quite so bitter.


Unknown said...

I do hate you a little that Preston sleeps so late...I though M slept late...sometimes 8! Haha. I totally feel you on the rut thing. I've been feeling the exact same way! The last few days have been a little more productive for me as well. Here's to us getting lots done this week!

Ms. Diva said...

Must be the end of winter blues! Because I hear ya on the rut thing!! I don't even have the baby excuse!! Spring and warmth CANNOT get here soon enough!

Amy said...

Hi Kim! Thanks for visiting my blog! And you're right -- I can't even imagine now how kids will (one day) change my life, but I am sure it is such a happy change!

Also, yes, strawberries and candy do cancel each other out. Fruit's fruit, right? ;) (Wait, does that mean I can get my daily servings of fruit via chocolate-covered strawberries? Yum!)

Sheena said...

I spent a while in a rut. Months on end. Somehow, I got out of it. I started playing music and cleaning, and that kept me cleaning. I have to handwash my dishes, so that was always the biggest chore (still is). but around a month ago, I started doing them EVERY DAY! Sometimes even twice a day! That makes all the difference in the world for me. If my counters are clean, I'm more likely to clean everywhere else. I even cleaned behind the stove and washed some walls yesterday! It's amazing what one can accomplish when you force yourself to do things you don't really want to.