Monday, April 26, 2010


I swear cats do not love him this much when he's awake! Only when he's sleeping!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It Just Got Serious

I've been kind of dancing around the whole idea of working out for a while now. I do it for a day or when I'm lucky a few more and then forget or slack off the next day and decide that I've already messed up the whole routine so what's one more day and one more day and one more day and so on going to matter. I'm sure you can see where I go wrong. I cannot seem to commit for the life of me to working out. Even though both mentally and physically I am screaming at myself to get in better shape!

The last time I posted about working out a friend of mine said we should do it together. I jumped on the idea. It sounded fun. I liked the idea of a regular workout buddy. Mostly I was excited about the company and someone to make sure that I actually worked out when I said I would.

I am now looking at the whole idea of a work out buddy differently.

I think I really understand it now. Where before I went into this whole thing thinking that it would just be fun to have someone to work out with I now realize the importance, for me specifically at least, of having someone to work out with. I need someone to hold me accountable during my workout. Just having someone doing the work out with me is enough to make me push myself that much harder. Plus it was really was fun having someone to work out with too.

We started big. Or at least big for me and my non-working out status. We began the Couch2-5K Workout. And then followed up with the 30 Day Shred.

Can I tell you all a secret? My legs are still shaking. Still. Right now. Twelve hours later. When I had to lift Preston into his car seat afterwards to head home, I literally almost collapsed.

How about another secret? If I hadn't been working out alongside Jaidean, I'm not sure that I would have finished the Couch2-5K workout. I might have. But with Preston being as cranky and whiny as he was I probably would have just climbed off the treadmill and called it a day. But I can guarantee without a doubt that if I hadn't had a work out buddy I sure as shit would have turned that damn 30 Day Shred off well before it was over! And while doing so I would have told Jillian Michaels where her and her perfect abs and ridiculously difficult TWENTY minute workout could shove it. Looks like having a work out buddy really is going to get me to push myself.

Since I'm telling you all these secrets, I might as well tell you one more. I'm actually looking forward to doing it all over again! I kind of loved it. As much as I hated it in the moment and cursed all things work out related. I love that I can still feel the burn now because to me that says that I did something right. Plus I've always had some serious jogger envy and I feel like today I kind of showed myself that I really could be a jogger at the end of the Couch2-5K. One with perfect abs too I might add, courtesy of the Shred.

We're doing it all over again on Friday and if I survive I'll be sure to let you know if it's as much fun the second time around. Either way I'm going to stick with it this time. It's time to get serious about getting in shape. It's all about getting in shape and has nothing to do with an overwhelming urge to show Miss Jillian Michaels that I can handle her damn Shred!

Introducing...The Mad Face

Remember the happy face?

If you don't, let me remind you.

Now I must show you Preston's newest face. The mad face.

I love this one! As long as he doesn't turn it on me!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Male Bonding

Brad finally got out to mow the lawn this weekend. Much to both mine and Preston's excitement. I've just been waiting for Brad to mow the near jungle in our yard because to me that means Spring is officially here! Preston has just been excited about any and all lawn mower activity everywhere.

Every time we're outside somewhere, be it our house or somewhere else, if Preston hears a lawn mower he has to run to tell me. And then inform me that we must go get him his lawn mower too. Right now please. He needs to help.

You can imagine his excitement while Brad and him mowed both our front and backyards.

Ahhhh, Spring is here! I think I'm going to get started on that flower planting now!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

It's Thursday Already?!

How is that possible? Especially since I walked around all day yesterday thinking, it's only Wednesday?

I don't have a lot of one thing to say, so I'll give you a little of this and a little of that. Just to keep you on your toes.


I'm attempting to do a little bit of a life cleanse. It's not as serious as it sounds I promise. I've been going through the house lately and in full Spring cleaning mode I've been clearing out the garbage. I feel like it's kind of time to do that in my life. Re-evaluate friendships, relationships, spending habits, how and where I spend my days. Try to stop worrying about things I can't control and take control of things I can. So far I'm feeling pretty good about it.


It was absolutely gorgeous outside yesterday. Seriously beautiful! Preston woke up and very excitedly announced to me, "Mama! The sun is shining!". We spent much of the day outside playing.

I did attempt to take Preston to a park by our house that has a river because he loves the water so much. It was closed. Explaining to a two year old that the park with the water that I'd promised to take him to was closed was fun. Except that it wasn't. And he was furious.

We ended up at my parent's house instead. Where when I told Preston it was time to play inside, he informed me, "I NEED to play outside!". Since he NEEDED to play outside I let him head back out. After all he didn't just want to, he NEEDED to.


Anybody watch Brothers and Sisters? I just recently got hooked on it. I've watched episodes here and there because it's on after Desperate Housewives, but I've finally committed to the show. I was up until almost 2am Tuesday night watching old episodes! Ummmm I absolutely loved the episode with the surprise birthday party for Nora. I could not stop laughing!


I have finally been motivated to start working out. I'm not necessarily trying to lose weight so much as I'm trying to tone what I have. I am in need of some serious toning. Serious toning. I walked with my Mom the other day and then did some elliptical. I was shocked at how good it felt. How much more energy I seemed to have. Not to mention what a better mood it put me in for the rest of the day. It's time to get serious about this and actually stick with it!

Taking any and all workout suggestions. I feel that my biggest problem areas for toning are my thighs and abs. Any awesome amazing workouts? You know the kind that work fast? I want to see results people! :)


I've decided to plant flowers in front of our house this year. We have the perfect spot. Right in front of some windows and it's just a straight patch of dirt. Now I just have to figure out what I have to do before I plant the flowers. I'm thinking I'm going to be calling my MIL for advice on this one, as she is big on yard work and seems to know a thing or two about flowers and plants.


My friend Kelly had her baby last week! He is soooo cute! Seriously! I went down and visited her at the hospital after she had him and I just couldn't get enough of him. I kept unwrapping his blankets because I just love little baby toes and fingers. And tummys. And cheeks! I just love little babies! I get to go snuggle him again today too, I am soooo excited!


Just because I think they're cute.


Mason (my nephew)...


To end on an exciting note. I'm going to be an AUNTIE again! That's right! I'm so excited and have been dying to tell you all! My SIL is pregnant! She's due September 25 and finds out what she's having next Friday! I just know it's a BOY! Although I wouldn't mind a girl either because it gives me an excuse to buy pink! Mostly though I'm just excited that she's pregnant!


Until next time!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Tale Of Poop And Woe

I took a shower yesterday morning. Well late yesterday morning. Preston was watching cartoons so I figured it was a good a time as any.

I was enjoying my shower too. Taking a long one. Shaving my legs. Really washing my hair. Loving that all was good in the world.

Until Preston came in to play and then announced that he'd pooped his diaper. Even better was that he pooped his diaper in the bathroom while standing next to his toilet. I mean seriously? The kid will run from downstairs to go in his potty some days and others he clearly has no issue going in his diaper right next to potty. Hence our lack of moving forward or backward on potty training.

But this is not about potty training. Not exactly.

I still needed to rinse off so I asked him to wait. Told him it would just be a minute. I'd be right there. And next time could he please PLEASE just go in the potty that was right next to him.

He came back in a minute later to tell me that the floor was yellow. I was more than a little confused. How could the floor be yellow? I asked him what on Earth he could possibly mean. He was so insistent that the floor was yellow that I climbed out of the shower to follow him to the living room.

That was when I realized that my child, the very same child who'd just told me that he'd pooped his diaper, was no longer wearing a diaper.

Any thoughts on why the floor was yellow? Any? I'll let you in on a little secret. It has to do with Preston not wearing his poopy diaper.

Preston had pulled his diaper off and DRAGGED his poopy butt along our not even a year old carpet. I was in such shock that I just stood there in my towel for a minute.

I didn't even know what to do or how to react. I was just shocked.

I wish that I could say I was disgusted. I wasn't. I'm not going to lie when I came out of that shock I went into a panic on how to make sure this didn't ruin the carpet. This is not the most disgusting thing Preston has done yet and I'm sure it won't be the most disgusting thing he ever does.

To prove my point, when I told Brad he asked if it was as bad as the time when Preston was around 7 months and I'd left him diaper less for just a minute only to turn around to Brad screaming in horror. Preston was crawling around our living room pooping. Pooping the runny poop of a child not yet eating anything but breast milk and purees. That was bad. That was disgusting. It was everywhere that time. He'd made a big circle of poop all over the living room in just a matter of seconds. Hence the new carpet.

This was not nearly as bad. I handled this. And with the help of our Little Green our carpet survived this.

Looks like I'm going to have to start duct taping those diapers on before I get in the shower from now on. You know, just in case. That's not child abuse is it?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I'm Not Bitter should I sum up our weekend? I guess I should just start from the beginning.

For me it all started Friday night. I was chatting with a friend about the funk I feel like I've been in. Watching my to do list grow and feeling no desire to get any of it done. Walking around the various messes around the house and pretending to not really notice them. Not getting out to enjoy the sporadic good weather. Constantly saying that I will start exercising...tomorrow. The longer it goes on the worse my motivation gets. She told me to basically get over it. Good advice. I decided to use it. Starting Saturday. I was serious this time, really I was.

Saturday morning I took this new found energy and put it to use. I cleaned our ENTIRE upstairs. The whole damn thing. The bedroom. The bathroom. The living room. The dining room. The kitchen. All of it. All by myself. And all this after not even getting out of bed until 11am! I know that sounds lazy, BUT in my defense that was what time Preston woke us all up. That's not even the latest that he's slept in this week, Friday he slept until 11:30am!

Now that you hate me a little bit, I'll continue. I swear though it's not my fault he sleeps late. Or maybe it is, I'm a night owl by nature and not a morning person in the slightest so maybe it's genetics. Or just luck.

Our Saturday continued on with a quick visit to the store before my sister and her boyfriend arrived for dinner. And then another quick trip to the store to pick up the steaks for dinner. Plus a couple other things as I seem to have a hard time leaving even a grocery store with just one thing. Then back home again.

Where Brad bbq'd some steaks up for us. The only thing he actually managed to do all day Saturday. All day. You know while I was cleaning. And doing laundry. And changing diapers.

Sunday arrived. We were up bright and early again. I think this time Preston had us up at 10-ish? Again don't hate me. He was also up late. Give a little get a little.

I lazed around part of Sunday. Too tired to do anything. Until I realized I had to get back up and going or I'd fall right back into that rut. The rut that I'd only just begun to pull myself out of.

So off to the grocery store Preston and I went, yet again. Then back home where Preston and I made dinner together. From scratch I should add. We made calzones. Yum! They were soooo good. All the while Brad loaded music on to his iPhone. Which he'd pretty much been doing since he woke up. I should add that he did get Preston cheese and crackers for lunch, but that about sums his day up.

After dinner I cleaned the kitchen and dining room up again. Switched some more laundry. Sorted through Preston's upstairs toys because they were starting to become a little overwhelming. Straightened up the living room. And asked Brad for the millionth time to please change the kitty boxes.

That sums up my weekend. I am trying very hard not to be bitter about the fact that my weekend was a whirlwind and Brad's was a ridiculous amount of lazy. I'm also reminding myself that my weekend was so busy because I'd put off doing so much this week while my husband was working twelve hour days. You know supporting our family and making it possible for me to even be in a rut.

I'm sure the fact that I'm PMSing really hasn't helped any of this. Which also leads me to ask if I eat far too many pieces of Easter candy and then eat a bowl of strawberries covered in sugar do they cancel each other out?

And Brad did eventually change those kitty boxes. Right before he headed to bed. You know so that he can go back to work today once again making it possible for me to continue to pull myself out of this damn rut. And suddenly I actually don't feel quite so bitter.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Child Labor Laws Say What?

We did some rearranging in our backyard. And by we I mean that my mother-in-law and her boyfriend came over to help Brad. And Preston of course had to get out there and get his hands dirty.

Brad had moved the rocks from one spot of the yard to another. I'm sure the reason for this made sense in his head but in mine I thought he just added another step to the whole process. Not that Preston minded as this meant that he got to help move the rocks twice.

And help he did. Preston did some serious rock hauling from the backyard to Dave's truck with his dump truck. I was impressed.

He went back and forth. And back again.

He helped load.

And unload.

I guess now that Preston is big enough to help with yard work it means that I'm off the hook!

Ha, in my dreams!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I May Have Freaked Out A Little

Just a little.

Don't believe me?

What happened you ask? I lost my camera. Or more accurately Brad and Preston lost my camera. Brad brought it upstairs from where I'd left it. Here's where he went wrong, he gave it to Preston. Then Preston did what Preston does, he played with it.

I even called Brad asking him where he'd left it. To which he responded, "Ask Preston. He was playing with it." I managed to contain my anger at being told to ask the TWO YEAR OLD where to find a $300 camera long enough to get off the phone with my darling husband. Only to still be angry ten minutes and some searching later, so I called him back and yelled and screamed. And felt a little better, but my camera was still missing.

I searched Preston's bedroom. As Preston insisted that the camera was "on the bridge in my bedroom". The bridge being the ledge around his room. When I was through searching and putting Preston's room back together, I made my way to the playroom. From there I moved to my office. Searching and picking up my messes as I went.

Until I reached my breaking point. That just so happened to be when I hit the living room. Not only was I freaking out that my camera was clearly lost FOREVER, but I was also pissed because Preston was taking a very rare nap and I was spending that precious time searching for my camera when I could have been sleeping too!

All of this resulted in me tearing the living room apart. No area was going unchecked. And I was done cleaning up the messes I made while hunting for my damn camera.

After making this mess I headed into the kitchen to take a break and try to calm myself with a glass of water. I'd already decided that we were going to have to replace the camera. And I was trying to figure out how the hell that was going to fit into our budget. I was also trying very hard not to cry about all of the pictures and videos that were lost with my camera.

When something clicked. It wasn't the camera, but it was the location of my camera.

Any guesses?

No? Not a one? Alright I'll just tell you. Preston had hidden it under the oven. It's his new favorite hiding place. He's constantly rolling balls under there. Or hiding packs of tissues. Or cars. Or things he's not supposed to be playing with. Apparently my camera happened to be something worth hiding.

I was relieved! I was overjoyed! I found my camera!

There was however one casualty in my search for my camera.

It's supposed to look like this one.

I've already decided that this was clearly not my fault. I was a woman on the edge. Better a piece that connects our couches fall victim during my crazed search for my camera than say, I don't know...a husband.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Friday Fun, Early Easter Saturday, And Easter Sunday

I think it's safe to say that we had a busy weekend. From the start of Friday night to the end of Sunday night we were on the go.

Let's go ahead and get started shall we?

Friday night we went out with friends. We started with dinner. Where we not only met up with friends, but we also ran into everyone else. It seems that Red Robin on a Friday night is the place to be. First one of my sister's friends from high school then when she left my Mom and sister took her booth. It was fun.

With the exception of our service. My God! There were about ten of us and I'm not even kidding when I say that even though we all ordered at the same time half of our table got their food about twenty minutes before the other half! I typically try really hard to be understanding of the servers when I go out to dinner but I thought it was incredibly obnoxious. Of course add on that drinks went unfilled. It took like fifteen minutes for me and Brad to even get our drinks. And the check took even longer! I feel like I should also add that my Mom and sister arrived about half way through our dinner and they got their food at the same time as we, the second half of our table, did! I was very unhappy with that!

Fortunately the night got much better! We went bowling and let me tell you I haven't bowled in a very very long time! Add in the margaritas that I was drinking, and I was pretty freaking amazing. I threw the ball backwards not just once but twice. And learned that I bowl much better if I turned around and just threw it between my legs. I was practically a professional. I feel bad that I was showing our friends up so much. Ha!

Saturday we celebrated Easter with my in-laws. My mother-in-law had us all over and my sister-in-law flew in from Seattle. Plus Brad's Aunt and Uncle and cousins showed up too. As well as family friend Melissa and her little girl.

Preston was beyond excited to be at Gigi's house, which he calls Jen's house. He was also thrilled that everyone was there. And excited to have a playmate in Melissa's daughter, Ava.

The fun of the afternoon was the inside toy hunt! Gigi and Dave had hidden eggs toys throughout the house for Preston to hunt. He was all over the place so it took a little bit to get him into the hunt but I think he got more excited as he found certain toys. And Ava was a very willing helper.

Preston did refuse to eat most of the afternoon. And when he did eat he only wanted toast. And he ate it with a fork. I think when he finally fell asleep I was the most relieved!

Sunday was another busy day. We got started by showing Preston the basket the Easter Bunny had brought him. I had him sit on the bed and close his eyes and walked in with it and yelled SURPRISE! He was so excited. He kept repeating, "Easter Bunny brought this for me?!!". Maybe he's rethinking his relationship with the bunny.

Preston was incredibly cranky but I kept assuming that he was just that, cranky, so we continued on with our day as planned. Off to spend Easter at my Aunt and Uncle's house with the rest of my family. Where we did some playing, some snacking, an Easter egg hunt, some eating, and some peep roasting.

Preston loved the egg hunt. It is so weird for me to see how small the hunt has gotten kid wise as we all grow up. And fun to watch from the parent perspective. Preston started out unsure and then got very excited as he understood what he was supposed to be doing. About half way through he set his basket down and told me that it was my turn to find the eggs. Which translated out to his basket was too heavy and he needed me to carry it. I must say too I was impressed with my littler cousins. They understood that since Preston was littler he had first dibs on the eggs that were just thrown all over the grass as opposed to the ones that were hidden. My cousin, Trey who is only six ran past several eggs and when asked why he informed us that those ones were easier to find so they were for Preston. And he's only six! It was much appreciated on our end as Preston's basket was as full as everyone else's.

The day wore on and Preston got crankier and crankier. I kept thinking he was just cranky. Probably because I was in denial. But also because he was happy at moments too. Racing around the yard. Or wanting to swing. Or jumping on the trampoline.

When we headed home Preston was out in the car. And this was the third day that he had taken a nap. Naps aren't common around here. I should have known something was up when he started napping. I guess I was just so excited that he was napping that I didn't think anything about it.

Well when he woke up from that nap he was running a major fever. Resulting in a call to the after hours nurse, a trip to Walgreens, and some serious Mommy guilt.

His fever broke early this morning and he obviously feels better today. As evidenced by the fact that he is eating. And racing around. And there was no nap.

Even with the cranky start of getting sick, we still had a wonderful Easter! I hope you all did too!

Spoiled little Preston also finished off Easter pretty good considering how he felt. At Gigi's house he left with a bucket full of candy and all toys that Gigi had gotten him. Along with a box of See's Candy from Aunt Jen. From my parents he recieved another bucket full of candy along with more than too many toys. Not to be forgotten my parents also got me and Brad some candy and a gift card to Olive Garden...yum!

*I'm sure you can tell that I was horrible about picking up my camera this weekend! Call it enjoying family. Call it forgetful. Call it a cranky two year old!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Well Hello There Mr Bunny

We did Easter Bunny pictures this year. We almost just skipped it because I didn't do it last year so I ruined any ability to make it a tradition. One day Preston will be all grown up and I'll be all, "You have to sit on the Bunny's lap! I don't care that your 16, we do it every year." And that's when it will happen. He will point out that there was the one year that we didn't do it so what the big freaking deal. And I'll have nothing. No reasons. Other than because I said so.

And I'm fairly certain that the picture that year will look a little something like the picture this year. Feast your eyes on this beauty.

Do you think he could have made it any more clear that he didn't want to be at the mall sitting on the Bunny's lap? I offered french fries. Suckers. Candy. Cars. I bribed and bribed and got nothing. The guy taking the pictures (it's be a stretch to call him a photographer!) told me to try the duck that squeaked. I did, even though I really didn't see it making a difference. He's almost three for crying out loud. But I tried. I'm sure I even looked stupid trying. All for nothing. He refused to budge. Finally I just gave up and asked him, no begged him, to please please just smile. Really fast. It'd be over before he knew it. To which he simply shook his head at me. I realized I'd lost and turned to the guy taking the pictures and told him to just take the picture, it wasn't happening.

Then I paid TWENTY DOLLARS for it! Are you freaking kidding me. And he wouldn't even smile! And I still bought the french fries because it was a little past lunch time and he was hungry.

I've been asking him since if he likes the Easter Bunny and each time his face gets very serious and he says, "NO!".

But we did it. It's not the cutest picture. But still we did it. And I guess him looking pissed is better than him screaming. Right?

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Out In The Middle Of Nowhere

We took a drive the other day to meet some friends. And it was a much longer drive than it was supposed to be because I somehow got confused and turned one road past where I was supposed to turn and finally realized how lost I was way too late. Boy was I lost. I had to pull over and mapquest from where I was to where I needed to be. And one long circle back later we arrived.

Where did we arrive at you ask?

A petting zoo! And they had horse rides too!

Preston was timid at first. Kept telling me to pick him up and refused to touch any and all animals. And I became that parent. Forcing Preston to do something he was afraid of because I just knew that he was going to enjoy it. And I was right...this time.

Preston loved it once he got over his fear. He chased the bunnies. Avoided the overly friendly goat. Fed the hungry ones. Refused to play with the pig. I think it threw him off because it was black as opposed to pink. Held baby ducks and chickens. And even a turkey. He got to pet the chickens. Looked at a large tortoise. And even sat on a llama.

He played on the little slide clubhouse toy. And showed me that we eat fast food way too much. Preston leaned out one of the windows in the toy and told me to order my cheeseburger and french fries. Then proceeded to hand me my cheeseburger followed by my french fries. And then told me to move along. Looks like we're going to have to work on that one.

But the best part of our visit to the middle of nowhere? The thing that made getting lost and driving forty-five minutes completely worth it?

Preston rode a horse! And I mean actually rode a horse! All by himself. While I waited next to the fence. He even had to wear a helmet!

I didn't think it was going to happen. When I first showed Preston the horses, he was not having it. When I put him on the horse he freaked out. But as we were getting ready to leave, Preston headed over to the horses and when I asked him if he wanted to ride one he shocked me and said yes. I kept waiting for him to change his mind while the guy got him all ready to go, but he didn't. And when asked whether he wanted a short ride or a long one, Preston chose the long one. And away he went.

I don't think I have ever ridden a horse and Preston already has at only two and a half!

I think it's safe to say that be both had a good time at the petting zoo with friends. And afterwards we avoided fast food, we ate at Target instead! You win some, you lose some.