Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ten On Tuesday

Ready? Set? Here we go! Let's see if I can actually come up with ten.

1. I'm still working. Until the end of the month. As it gets warmer out we start selling more ice cream which means that we're busier. All ending in me working longer hours. I haven't gotten home before 5pm the last two weeks. Long long days.

I know what those of you who work are thinking. Suck it up! 5pm is nothing. I know because I remember before I had Preston and became a stay at home Mom I hated when people complained about working less than me. But it really does seem hard. Partially becuase I really haven't adapted and know that this is temporary so I don't look at it as real life as much as I've looked at it as a temporary life adjustment. Which really is what it is for me.

2. I haven't said anything about The Bachelor, but I'm watching the 20/20 on The Bachelor (on dvr) and I really do love this show. But Vienna? Jake really? Vienna?! Come on. That is just the stupidest thing I ever did watch. Almost makes me hate the entire show. And when (not if, when) they break up I will simply say I told you so.

3. I watched my nephew last week. I will be blogging about it this week with photos. But just so you all know I survived.

4. I'm on some sort of a food kick lately. And a crappy one. Nothing sounds good. I eat, mind you. But nothing sounds good. This happens a couple times a year and it drives me crazy because I love to eat. Come on taste buds! Let's get on this. I keep running through all my favorite foods and all my favorite places to eat and nothing screams "Eat me NOW!". :(

5. Preston didn't poop in the potty tonight. He pooped in his diaper while he was running around outside. He refused to come in. I refused to chase him. He did eventually come in. With a hand covered in poop. That was fun.

6. Tomorrow is St Patrick's Day! I'm so excited. I've had Preston's green shirt hanging in the closet and I can't wait to pull the tags off and toss it on him! It's going to be cute!

7. I screwed up our budget at the end of last month and it carried over into the first half of this month. Ugh. I hate that. It makes me want to just give up and go crazy spending money. Is that weird? You would think that it would make me buckle down and try not to spend money at all. Nope. I just want to buy everything in sight. I'm holding back and pulling some money from our savings to cover my screw up and I'm starting over right now.

8. My phone stopped working this weekend. Let me clarify. The smart features of my phone stopped working. Thus turning my phone into well just a phone. It was horrible. AT&T couldn't fix it. I was freaking out. And then Brad fixed it after I got home. Why I didn't just ask Brad to fix it in the first place is beyond me. But he fixed it. And when he did it fixed my visual voicemail too. And that hadn't been working in oh a month and a half. Only I didn't know it until last week when I called to check my voicemail and it announced that I had 22 new messages and 20-ish messages that needed to be deleted. It was pretty awesome. If by awesome you understand that I mean I was pissed.

9. I had a cold last weekend. No wait the weekend before last weekend. Then on Thursday morning last week I woke up without a voice. I mean it was there but it wasn't my voice. It was husky and a little above a whisper. It was pretty great. Of course last week just happened to be a week where I had something to do every single day. Sweet. My friends loved my sexy voice. Don't lie you know you did. It's almost gone now but I still have a tickle in my throat and a cough. A cough that I'm sure will stick around for a while. Blah.

10. I still haven't had dinner. Even though it's now 9pm. I'm hungry. Believe me I'm hungry. But seriously nothing sounds good.

I did! Ten things.


Holly said...

I hate how long the coughs last! Lily also didn't want to come inside today. Good job for having a shirt for Preston to wear tomorrow. I have NOTHING for Lily to wear that is green. Good thing she won't be going any where.

Frugal Vicki said...

If you find some great potty training tips, please share, we are on six months now and I am SO FRUSTRATED I could scream. He did poop in the potty yesterday. He thinks he can poop on command so that discourages him.

Unknown said...

Can't wait to see Preston's St. Patrick's day outfit. I forgot to get Little M anything so we have to run out this morning and pick something up!

Aleta said...

Yikes! Don't cough near the keyboard. I'm just getting over my cold and Greg went to the doctor today. ENOUGH OF THE COLDS!!!! Grrrr...

I like your 10 :)

Jolene said...

Yes, you're right, we DID love your sexy voice. :P