Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Escape Artist

With the fabulous weather this weekend we did a lot of playing outside. And by we I do mean Preston. Preston was itching to get outside after being locked in all winter. Even though it was a mild winter Preston was clearly desperate to get outside. Thank goodness it was a mild winter with Preston desperate to get out I don't know what we would have done if we were still getting snow in May and June, as we were last year.

You'd think playing outside in the sun would have been enough for my son. Not so. He had to find other ways to get into trouble.

A fenced backyard should keep a certain small child in shouldn't it? Especially when 95% of that fenced backyard is wood and taller than I am. As ours is with the exception of the gates. Well you really shouldn't go around making assumptions like that. Where there's a will there's a way. And where Preston is concerned there is always a will.

I was working while Brad was watching Preston and they were playing out back. We've started to give Preston a little more freedom and he is allowed to play out back by himself for a few minutes at a time while the back door is open. The gates are both locked and we can see him by poking our heads out the door and hear him from inside as well. I'm all for Preston getting in some independent play time. Brad came inside and had sat down when no more than a few seconds later Preston was yelling for him. I listed to Brad head out to see what Preston needed and then heard Brad yell for me.

The problem? Preston was no where to be seen although he could be heard.

You see our fence has a slat that isn't nailed in at the bottom. Just one little board. It's been like that almost since we moved in. Our cats use it to climb into the yard of the neighbor behind us. Never been a problem before.

Now it was. Preston hates not being able to do everything the cats can do and at the top of that list is that the cats can jump the fence and walk through that board to play wherever they want. I honestly didn't think it was something to worry about as you have to push pretty hard to get that board to open to give more space than what a cat needs to get through.

Preston apparently is able to do this. As he was currently on the other side of our fence. In the neighbor's backyard. Luckily he was staying close to the fence unsure of his new found freedom and he was easy to convince to come back over.

This board became an even bigger problem as Preston now knew what to do and that there was a way for him to follow the cats and extend our backyard from one to two. And he was not done.

He got over there again only this time he raced around their yard. And refused to come back. Meaning that I had to head over there after him. I barely even fit through the space. And I scraped through, a lovely feeling. Only made even better by the fact that I then had to chase my son around the neighbor's yard before tossing him back over the fence to Brad.

This time Brad did move a wheelbarrow in front of the spot. And we figured that would put an end to this problem temporarily at least.

Not so much. Preston pushed the wheelbarrow over and headed back to visit our neighbor's yard before we knew what hit us. This time we told him we were leaving and he decided to head back on his own. This did cause the board to fall off though when I helped him push the board back far enough for him to climb through the opposite direction.

Which led to a more permanent solution to this problem. Brad grabbed a screw gun and Preston helped him fix the problem. It looks tacky but it will allow Preston to play out back until this weekend when Brad can actually fix it.

Only after the fence was fixed, Preston tried to follow the cats over. And realized he couldn't. He tried and tried. Pushing and pulling. To no avail. It didn't matter that he'd helped Brad fix it. Preston was furious that he couldn't get back through that fence. We watched. We laughed. He screamed.

Later though I thought about it and realized that we are really screwed. If Preston keeps us on our toes this much at two and a half how the hell are we going to survive him as he gets older and smarter?


Yankee Girl said...

What a great story and what a smart boy! He sure sounds like he is going to be trouble later....

I can almost picture him running around, laughing and screaming as you are chasing him. Though you were probably a little annoyed, it was probably so cute!

Jolene said...

Yes, Sky Prairie! It's my favorite too, great equipment, clean, etc. Plus, I get to swing. :)

Thanks for the FB update!!!! Let me know if anything big happens, ok?

Ms. Diva said...

Love little boys!!! He sounds like he will keep you on your toes for many years!! :)