Thursday, March 4, 2010

Best Friends

Preston would like to introduce all of you to Kitty and Lizard.

They are his most favorite toys. Well almost. Preston also loves his cars. And trains. And his other kittys. And that one little doggie. So I guess they are almost his very favorite toys.

Kitty has been with us for a while. Since Preston was about 6 months old when we saved him from Babies R Us. Granted it hasn't always been the same kitty. He did get lost at the fair once. Fortunately someone must have found him because I was able to bring him back to Preston after a quick visit back to Babies R Us.

Lizard is new to our family. Preston received him as any early Valentine's Day gift. And he is near and dear to Preston's heart ever since. We can't go anywhere without Lizard. It sure is a good thing that Preston traded out that box of fruit snacks for his new almost best friend. Lizard even had a name for all of five seconds. Preston had named him after my cousin, Colten. But that didn't last long before we knew it Lizard was back to being, well Lizard.

Of course it's not hard to believe that both Lizard and Kitty consider themselves lucky to be friends with this little one.

I mean how do you resist this face.

I know, it's just not possible. Lucky Kitty and Lizard, they get to be his almost best friends!

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Michelle said...

I LOVe waching my 2 year old son play. His "guys" are always mommy, daddy, and mill (his sister). It cracks me up.

and he always wants to take a guy somewhere...dinasours are guys too.