Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wordless Wednesday...Kind Of

He looks so calm when he sleeps. Looks can be deceiving!

Monday, March 29, 2010

A Visit To The Dentist

A certain little boy paid a way over due visit to the dentist recently.

Where much to my shock he allowed them to...

Clean his teeth.

Floss his teeth.

Count and test the strength of his teeth.

And apply some fluoride.

I'm not even kidding people. I was absolutely flabbergasted. I was meeting my sister after and no joke told her that it wouldn't be long because there was no way Preston was going to let a complete stranger get all up in his mouth. Especially long enough to mess around with this teeth. I was wrong. And we were late to meet my sister. It was a good late though!

Preston was a little weary of the dentist chair though. He refused to sit in it. After attempting a couple of bribes I gave up. He was willing to sit in the chair that I was supposed to sit in. So making the best of the situation I moved that chair over to the hygienist and let her go to work. Other than that Preston was a pro. He did get a little nervous when the dentist came over and put the tool to test the strength of his teeth in. I saw him tense up and held his hand and he sat there like a big boy until the dentist was done. I'm so proud!

The dentist said that thinks look great. I did point out that one of Preston's molars looked slightly discolored on top so the dentist said we're going to watch it. It looks like it could be a cavity in the making. But he also said that the grooves in those back teeth make that easy to happen. Which was music to my ears because the one thing I hate about the dentist is the guilt trip they sometimes give you. Yes Preston drinks juice. Yes I allow him to have candy. Yes we have a drawer full of fruit snacks. But for the first time ever I left feeling like all of that was okay. In moderation of course.

Although that moderation really hasn't been happening around these parts lately. Preston's caught my cold. The one that lasted like two freaking weeks. Not cool. The very same cold that stole my voice for over a week! So nights have been, to put it honestly, a bitch. Preston's waking up several times a night. And by several I mean he's waking up more than I want to and when he wakes up I have to too. And he wakes up crying for juice. And then the coughing starts. And then the whining. And you know what? You have to swear you won't tell a soul. I've just been rolling out of bed and getting him a freaking glass of juice. I'm trying to convince myself that his orange juice has vitamins and whatnot and those things will help him feel better. As will the sleep that he goes right back to after he gets his juice. I know. I'm horrible. And the recovery from the last couple of nights of this is going to be a real peach.

But at least we have a dentist who won't shoot me if I admitted this. Not that I plan on telling the dentist about the late night juice visits. I'm not that crazy!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lazy Much?

Whew. I've been a little bit of a slacker blogger lately. And honestly I was starting to get a little burned out. It was feeling a little bit more like a chore than something I enjoy. And with everything going on I was beginning to feel overwhelmed.

So I've spent the last few days doing nothing. And I really do mean doing nothing.

Wednesday I managed to avoid everything on my to do list in favor of not getting dressed all day and lounging around the house with Preston. There may or may not have been a lot of Vampire Diaries watching for me and cartoon watching for Preston.

Thursday we once again avoided the to do list by spending much of the day at Chuck E Cheese with some of both mine and Preston's favorite friends. And then heading to my Mom's house to visit.

Friday I figured we might as well continue the trend and we didn't get dressed until very late in the afternoon. And really we only got dressed when we did because I had to go pick my sister up. My parent's headed out of town for a couple days and my sister Jessica is watching the house and the younger kids while they're away. We started out planning on just going over for dinner but somehow I got talked into staying the night. Brad was already in bed as he had to work early Saturday morning, so there didn't seem to be much point in going home. Plus we'd planned on doing some wine drinking. That of course didn't work out as I fell asleep when I put Preston to bed. I did wake up at midnight and head out into the living room where I stayed up talking until 3am with two of my sisters. Sometimes I miss being able to just stay up late chatting with them. It's the crappy part of growing up and moving out.

The weekend has pretty much been spent the same. Jammies and laziness. I'm sure the 3am bedtime Friday night didn't help motivate me Saturday. In fact I'm starting to feel bad for Preston. While I've enjoyed the last few days of not doing a whole lot of anything, I'm sure he misses life as he knew it. With the exception of Chuck E Cheese Preston probably feels like he's been locked up. And his attitude today is starting to reflect that. Although in my defense Preston has had a cold too during the last few days so taking it easy was probably a good thing.

Although it really was my fault and not Preston's colds. I've just been a little bit burned out and lacking energy. I'm thinking that I've had enough of a recovery. And it will be back to life as I know it starting tomorrow. Boy do we have a busy week ahead of us. We've got all of the errands that I've put off running. I'm watching my nephew tomorrow as my sister has her first day back at work. We have play dates almost every day. And a night out with friends on Friday. Ready life? Because we're back!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Trip To The Farm

We spent Saturday of what I guess is now last weekend visiting Brad's grandparents out at the farm.

Ummm off topic, but how is it already Wednesday night? I had a whole list of things I was going to do today and then I made the mistake of watching an episode of Vampire Diaries. It was sooo good that I am now six episodes done and my bathroom still needs to be cleaned.

Anyways back to Saturday. We made the drive out there Saturday morning and planned to meet up with Brad's sisters and then get lunch before heading out to the farm. We made the mistake of telling Preston where we were going before we left. In fact I hyped up the farm for days. Big mistake. Preston must have asked if we were almost at the farm a million time during the two hour drive. Heaven help me.

Brad's little sister basically lives on a farm too. She has chickens, cows, and two horses(is that even right? It sounds so weird to me...horses?). Preston loved it. What two year old little boy doesn't love being able to run around with no fences or real end in sight?

We stayed at Caelan's much longer than we'd planned and really only left when we did because Brad started insisting that he was starving to death.

Off to lunch. One of my very favorite things about visits to Brad's hometown is the restaurant we always eat at. Only it's really not exactly a restaurant. It's inside a gas station connected to a fishing shop and an ice cream parlor. What can I say Brad grew up in a small town. But oh the nachos. Don't even get me started on the nachos. They are almost good enough to convince me to jump in the car and drive the four hour round trip right now just to have them.

From there we all piled back into the car and ventured even farther into the middle of nowhere to the farm. Preston was starting to get tired along the way until we pulled up. Then he was wide awake.

Brad's grandparents raise cows, pheasants, turkeys, and chickens. And peacocks roam their property. Basically all things that we don't see when we walk outside our house Preston was surrounded by. And he wanted to see all of it.

We went inside to say hello. But before long Preston was insisting that he needed to get back outside. We stayed for several hours and Preston and Brad rotated between exploring the house and exploring outside. I'm even told that Preston got to hold baby pheasants. I wish that I had known they had baby pheasants and been told that Preston was going to see them and be allowed to touch them! But I didn't even hear about it until the next day when Brad mentioned it. So no pictures. Looks like we'll have to make another trip for those photos. And next time I should probably just bring Preston's entire closet. In just one day Preston changed his clothing at least four times! I guess getting dirty is what you do on a farm.

We arrived back in town pretty late and stopped to feed Preston at Caelan's before making the drive home. Preston was so worn out and exhausted. His cranky level was sky high. At one point before we left he insisted that I grab him his blankie and only I could grab it for him. When Jen handed it to me, he threw it back and told me to get it for him. What a sweetheart. It was no big surprise when he fell asleep within two minutes of us hitting the road.

It really was a nice way to spend a Saturday. And a nice change of pace. We don't get out there nearly often enough. Which is just pathetic because it's only two hours away and Brad's little sister lives there as well as his grandparents. And both of them are growing old way too fast. I can't believe how much older Caelan seemed this time versus the last time we saw her, plus she's fourteen these days which really makes her seem older. And the same goes for Brad's grandparents. They seemed that much older this time than they were even just a year ago. We are planning on going back Memorial Weekend, so at least it won't be another year before we visit everyone!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Today I Am...

Tired. I worked another long day. Otherwise known as just a regular full time day for those of you work full time. I'm giving you props.

Irritated. I can't even complain that I'm tired because I worked ALL day and try to pawn everything off on my husband. Why? Because today he worked twelve hours. And he will be doing it again every day this week and possibly every day for the next few weeks.

Hungry. But too lazy to get up and do anything about it. Instead I'm sitting here watching Preston eat the dinner that Daddy made for him.

Selfish. Did you not just read why I'm irritated? Hello, I'm irritated because I can't act like my day was harder than Brad's because it just wasn't. And then somehow he still made Preston dinner. UGH! Get over yourself.

Lazy. I have a ton of things to tell you all about sitting in my drafts folder waiting for some attention from me. I'm getting there.

Excited. Tomorrow is my official last day of work. I say official because I will take work home with me this weekend, but tomorrow is my last day of going into the office.

Sad. Tomorrow is my official last day of work. I know, how confusing. But I really did enjoy some parts of working. And by that I don't mean I loved the work, I just loved some benefits that came from working. I loved the paychecks. Those have been pretty nice. I also really love the people that I work with. I mean obviously I love some of them because they are family, but I'm really going to miss seeing all the other ladies and some of the men in the office every week. It's been fun working with them!

Overwhelmed. My house is a mess. Laundry is massively backed up. I've just been walking around telling myself I will get to it all on Wednesday.

Guilty. Preston's been trying climb up on me and I just needed some space to unwind so I kept telling him no. He finally did get on my lap and cuddled close and told me "Preston loves Mommy." Oh look there goes my heart.

Done. It's time to eat. And maybe unload the dishwasher. And definitely get ready for bed.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ten On Tuesday

Ready? Set? Here we go! Let's see if I can actually come up with ten.

1. I'm still working. Until the end of the month. As it gets warmer out we start selling more ice cream which means that we're busier. All ending in me working longer hours. I haven't gotten home before 5pm the last two weeks. Long long days.

I know what those of you who work are thinking. Suck it up! 5pm is nothing. I know because I remember before I had Preston and became a stay at home Mom I hated when people complained about working less than me. But it really does seem hard. Partially becuase I really haven't adapted and know that this is temporary so I don't look at it as real life as much as I've looked at it as a temporary life adjustment. Which really is what it is for me.

2. I haven't said anything about The Bachelor, but I'm watching the 20/20 on The Bachelor (on dvr) and I really do love this show. But Vienna? Jake really? Vienna?! Come on. That is just the stupidest thing I ever did watch. Almost makes me hate the entire show. And when (not if, when) they break up I will simply say I told you so.

3. I watched my nephew last week. I will be blogging about it this week with photos. But just so you all know I survived.

4. I'm on some sort of a food kick lately. And a crappy one. Nothing sounds good. I eat, mind you. But nothing sounds good. This happens a couple times a year and it drives me crazy because I love to eat. Come on taste buds! Let's get on this. I keep running through all my favorite foods and all my favorite places to eat and nothing screams "Eat me NOW!". :(

5. Preston didn't poop in the potty tonight. He pooped in his diaper while he was running around outside. He refused to come in. I refused to chase him. He did eventually come in. With a hand covered in poop. That was fun.

6. Tomorrow is St Patrick's Day! I'm so excited. I've had Preston's green shirt hanging in the closet and I can't wait to pull the tags off and toss it on him! It's going to be cute!

7. I screwed up our budget at the end of last month and it carried over into the first half of this month. Ugh. I hate that. It makes me want to just give up and go crazy spending money. Is that weird? You would think that it would make me buckle down and try not to spend money at all. Nope. I just want to buy everything in sight. I'm holding back and pulling some money from our savings to cover my screw up and I'm starting over right now.

8. My phone stopped working this weekend. Let me clarify. The smart features of my phone stopped working. Thus turning my phone into well just a phone. It was horrible. AT&T couldn't fix it. I was freaking out. And then Brad fixed it after I got home. Why I didn't just ask Brad to fix it in the first place is beyond me. But he fixed it. And when he did it fixed my visual voicemail too. And that hadn't been working in oh a month and a half. Only I didn't know it until last week when I called to check my voicemail and it announced that I had 22 new messages and 20-ish messages that needed to be deleted. It was pretty awesome. If by awesome you understand that I mean I was pissed.

9. I had a cold last weekend. No wait the weekend before last weekend. Then on Thursday morning last week I woke up without a voice. I mean it was there but it wasn't my voice. It was husky and a little above a whisper. It was pretty great. Of course last week just happened to be a week where I had something to do every single day. Sweet. My friends loved my sexy voice. Don't lie you know you did. It's almost gone now but I still have a tickle in my throat and a cough. A cough that I'm sure will stick around for a while. Blah.

10. I still haven't had dinner. Even though it's now 9pm. I'm hungry. Believe me I'm hungry. But seriously nothing sounds good.

I did! Ten things.

Monday, March 15, 2010

You Pooped Where?!

Do you see this little boy?

You remember him right? He's on the blog fairly frequently! Ha!

You will never guess what he has done now. And he didn't just do it once. Oh no. He's done it twice.


Both last night and tonight. All by himself. We didn't even find out he'd done it until he called us into the bathroom to see.

Last night he ran out of the bathroom and yelled "poo-poo" to Brad. Confused Brad attempted to convince him to go poo-poo in the potty and they headed back to the bathroom. Only to discover that Preston didn't mean he had to go poo-poo, he meant he had already gone poo-poo! We praised. We gave treats. Both a handful of gummy bears and a sucker. There may have been some dancing involved. What can I say we were absolutely thrilled. Not just that he'd done it. But that he'd chosen to do it on his own.

Tonight it was the same thing. Preston was roaming the house with no bottoms on and using the potty like a pro. We seem to do pretty good around here potty wise as long as Preston's bottom half is free.

Preston came running out of the bathroom yelling poo-poo and I headed in. Sure enough he'd done it again. I'm sure this time he'd gone in the potty simply because 1. he had to go and 2. he'd just asked me for a bunch of gummy bears and I'd told him he had to go poo-poo in the potty for a lot of gummy bears. And so he did.

I can't even explain how exciting it is to me that Preston pooped in the potty two days in a row. I was so excited I almost took a picture to share with you, so you all could be as excited as I am. Then I came to my senses and figured that posting a photo of Preston's poop on the blog might be a little much.

Instead I guess you'll just have to trust me on this one, PRESTON POOPED IN THE POTTY!!

*Happy Dance!*

Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Lovely Surprise...Or Two

Any guesses on what this is?

Or how about this?

Should I just tell you?

Okay, you've twisted my arm. I'll tell you.

The first photo? Those are the letters that Preston knows. Both capitals and lowercase letters.

The second photo? Those are the letters that he doesn't know.

We pulled out the flash cards today. We've been working on letters, just unofficially. We point them out and tell him what they are. But this is the first time that I've sat down with Preston to see what he knows and what we need to work on. I know, I'm such a slacker!

But I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the end result and how much he does know. Especially because we really haven't done any formal teaching of letters with him. Out of the 52 letters (lowercase and capitals) he knew 28 of them. That's just under 75%! I know, I know, he's brilliant! :)

Then just because showing me how many letters he knows wasn't enough for one day...

This morning I pulled Preston's diaper off and then because I didn't have to worry about another zipper incident as he was in two piece pajamas, I pulled his pants back up and let him hang out diaper less in his jammies. And then because it's apparently what I do, I forgot about it. And went downstairs to take a shower while Preston played upstairs and watched his morning cartoons.

I could hear him playing directly above me and can't say I was surprised when I walked back upstairs and the bathroom door was closed. I opened the door and saw Preston's jammie pants on the floor and remembered that he wasn't wearing a diaper. And freaked out. Until Preston told me that he'd gone pee-pee in the potty. After checking to see if his pants were in fact dry, I realized he was telling the truth! Why didn't I just check his potty you ask? Because he empties it most of the time after he goes. He'd missed a little which made it official that Preston had gone pee-pee in the potty. While he was playing. Without being reminded. Even though he had to pull his jammie pants off all by himself. Preston had gone pee-pee in the potty!

I also feel like you all should know that Preston is making the switch from sitting on his potty to peeing standing up. I'm very excited about this...kind of. I've been worrying about how to encourage Preston to pee like a "boy". But wasn't sure how to do this. Brad's been working on showing him. The only thing that sucks about this transition is that Preston is having a hard time with aim. Meaning that I'm having to clean up after him when he misses. Leaving me to wonder why it's all that important for boys to pee standing up?

Knowing letters and peeing in the potty, that's what my good days are made of!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

One Little Monkey Hanging On The Bars

For a little while today it was nice outside. Nice enough outside that when Preston bolted out the door in just his t-shirt, I let him and went back to unloading the dishwasher.

Until he yelled for me. And I looked out the kitchen window to see him hanging. Hanging from the monkey bars on his swing set.

I panicked and raced out to catch him before he fell off. Only to be told, "Mama, let go of me!". Apparently he could do this on his own don'tchya know.

So I stepped back and took pictures instead.

I'm not going to lie, I was a little amazed that he could hold himself up there for that long over and over again.

Did I not mention that? He didn't just do it the once. Or even twice. He did it again and again. And again some more.

He even perfected his landing. That's right, his landing. He can't make it across the monkey bars just yet. He can crawl up the ladder and grab that first bar and then hang until he lets go and drops to the ground. He braces himself for that moment when he hits the ground. You can see it in his face and when he hits the ground even though he's dropping about six feet (those monkey bars are taller than me!) he still lands safely on his feet.

At least he did until he didn't land so great. He must have gotten cocky because I was reloading the dishwasher when he started screaming and I rushed out to him laying under the monkey bars covered in pieces of grass.

He climbed up one more time and yelled for me to catch him. One bad fall and he was afraid to try again.

I'm not sure If I should attempt to encourage to get back on the horse, figuratively speaking of course. Or just be relieved that it's one less thing that I have to worry about him doing.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spooky Room

In order to conquer the closet in my bedroom Spooky Room, you are going to need a flashlight.

Your going to want to have a look around because as we all know monsters tend to hide out in the Spooky Room. Keep an eye out for bugs as well. They like to hide in teh corners and jump out.

Make sure you tell someone if you see something.

It helps if you look appropriately terrified. It is the Spooky Room after all.

Of course it will be impossible to hide just how much fun you really are having searching for monsters and bugs while playing in the Spooky Room.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Cold Yoga

Preston was playing quietly downstairs. As any parent knows this is a sign of a problem. I know. It really doesn't sound like it would be. What's wrong with quiet play? Let me show you what I found Preston doing during quiet play.

He was playing in Daddy's office when he apparently decided that he needed to play on the freezer. Only problem was how to get up there. Oh wait, Daddy had left a ladder in there. A little rearranging and Preston climbed right up.

While up there Preston decided to do a little yoga. Nothing like a little bit of downward facing dog using a freezer as a yoga mat.

Of course I asked him to please climb back down. More curious as to whether or not he actually could. Climbing up is one thing, you can see where your going. Climbing down you have to know what your doing and I not only wasn't sure if he was capable of doing that but I wasn't sure that he was brave enough. Rest assured Preston is perfectly capable of climbing back down the ladder. He is also brave enough. And willing to show off his skills.

A few days later he was right back where he'd started even though I'd moved the ladder all the way across the room. I have no idea how he got it back over to the freezer all by himself. I walked into the room at the same time as Preston started flipping switches in the fuse box. Looks like he wanted to get Daddy's attention upstairs too. Guess what? It worked.

Looks like we're going to have to keep a closer eye on Preston, the ladder, and the freezer. I'm a little, okay a lot, afraid to see what he's going to get into next.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Fabuless Friday

Today was a good day. A very good day.

This morning we went to visit some friends that we haven't seen in a while. Preston loves Zack and Kelly was the first friend I made in my Mommy & Me Group when I joined.

Preston and Zack are less than a year apart in age and both so full of energy. We went ahead and let them work that energy out amongst themselves while Kelly and I chatted and got caught up. It was absolutely lovely.

When the boys were done playing inside, they got to race around and play in the backyard too.

Zack took Preston for a ride in his jeep. Zack even showed Preston the joy of spinning donuts. Preston loved it, shouting donuts over and over again.

And then Zack taught Preston how to drive. It was scary. Preston understands that pushing the pedal makes the jeep go but beyond that he didn't have a clue. There was no steering technique and absolutely no knowledge of how to brake.

They even played chase. With the jeep. Which in case you were wondering I am all for. Preston's energy level needed some adjusting! And since it was his idea no way was I getting in the way if he wanted to chase after the battery powered jeep. Zack seemed to have some extra energy too and a couple of times even caught up to the jeep and had it pull him along.

And when it was time to go I had to promise Preston that we would play with Zack again and soon. He then spent the rest of the day talking about Zack. And asking if we could go back.

Today got even better when this afternoon I bought twenty boxes of fruit snacks for one dollar. Oh yes you read that right. TWENTY BOXES for just ONE DOLLAR! I'm not even talking the crappy fruit snacks. I'm talking the good stuff. Fruit rolls, gushers, Dora, SpongeBob, you know high quality fruit snacks. I've gotten into couponing and watching the sales and reading blogs about couponing and this week it paid off in fruit snacks. I figured we were going to buy and eat them anyways over the course of the year so I might as well get them for five cents a box! Money saved on groceries is money that I get to spend on something else after all!

Now if only the cold that I seem to have developed in my nose last night would move along. Doesn't it realize it's not welcome here?