Monday, February 1, 2010

Working Weekend

Brad spent both Saturday and Sunday working this weekend. He was busy! And tired by the end of it all.

He was up at attem before we even got up Saturday morning. Hours earlier. He spent the first part of the day working for his company on some things that needed to get finished on the job he was on. He then went from that job to help a friend out with some side work that he had. Only to arrive home early Saturday evening.

Preston and I had a fairly quiet day. We of course started with swim lessons. And let me tell you we had not just one but TWO big things happen at swim lessons this week.

First, I saw TWO other people in bikinis. And one of them was a Mom! Holy crap! I feel like I'm no longer the only one anymore. You do know what this means right? That it is not showing too much skin to wear a two piece to swim lessons at the YMCA. Whew!

Second, and this is a BIG ONE! Preston...wait for it...went UNDER the water! And he didn't hate me or swim lessons afterwards! This is huge. I'd put it off until this lesson because I wasn't sure how well it would go over. But we talked about it from the moment we arrived at swim lessons and Preston kept telling me that he wanted to walk on the bottom, so I decided to go for it. When it was time for the dunking I told Preston to close his mouth and he squeezed his little eyes and mouth closed! And before he knew it he was under and back up! And we both survived!

We then paid a visit to my parent's house and Walmart with my sister. Before long it was time to head home again. To our quiet and empty home. I know that Brad works all week and it's just me and Preston but it just seems so weird when he's not home on the weekends.

Preston napped, I watched movies and eventually Brad came home.

Sunday started the same way for me and Preston. Brad was already gone as he worked again. Once again for his friend. He didn't get home until late afternoon this time.

And Preston missed him! He wouldn't leave Brad alone! Not long after Brad arrived home it was time for me to start working.

Looks like we're going to have to get our downtime next weekend! Or, you know, in another life.


Unknown said...

i've been wanting to do swim lessons with the kids but been so scared. so glad ur little guy did well must have been very exciting!

Ms. Diva said...

Yeah!!! Going under water is huge and not to be afraid? Wow!! Great job!!!

Debbie said...

I do know that "other life" scenario! That is also good news about going under the water.

Aleta said...

How cool that he went under water! WOO HOO!!!! You handle everything so well :)

And yeah for bikinis! :)