Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Seattle...Oh Seattle

Where to even begin?

I love Seattle. Love it in a way where I would move there in a heartbeat. You know if I could take all my family and friends with me. And if Brad found a job that paid enough to live the same way there as we do here. And if we sold our house. And found one over there for a great price. But really I would move over there in a heartbeat!

This trip however, this trip made me hate Seattle just a little bit. I know! Say what?!

I should preface this by saying that I am a high maintenance traveller. Thus meaning that Preston is too. And by high maintenance I mean that when I take trips with Preston, I take trips for Preston. If that makes sense. I base the whole trip around Preston and what he would enjoy and like to do. That's not to say that we don't do things that I enjoy too, it's just that they are sprinkled in with things that Preston will enjoy. I figure I have the rest of my life to take vacations for me and Preston only has the first 18 or so years of his life to just sit back and enjoy. Brad agrees with me and so we've already acknowledged that we really won't have a vacation based around us for a while. Although that's not saying that we won't attempt to sneak off here and there for our time, just that while Preston is little he is our priority. And that works for us.

It does not though work when I go on a weekend trip away with my Mom, my sisters, and my nephew. Here's the problem, while Brad and I have no issue with devoting our trips away to zoos and beaches and children's museums those places are really not in the list of priorities on vacation for my Mom and sisters. Understandably so. But it was a problem for this trip. One that I'd thought about prior to the trip and then brushed aside. Everything would go just fine I convinced myself.

I was wrong.

No it wasn't horrible. Yes I did enjoy moments of it. I loved getting away with my Mom and my sisters for a weekend away of just us. I loved getting to see Jen. I loved being in Seattle. I loved being on vacation. I just didn't love that Preston really didn't love most of the trip. It wasn't what he was used to when we take trips over to Seattle and he reacted exactly how I would expect a very active and very bored two year old to act.

Lesson learned on my part.

Now to the trip...

We left Friday morning. Later on Friday morning than we'd planned. A good hour and a half later! Eek! We made a couple of bathroom break stops before we arrived in North Bend to have lunch and do some outlet shopping. Preston just loved going from the car seat to the stroller. Luckily they had rides conveniently stationed throughout the outlets. Which helped bribeconvince Preston to allow Mommy to get some shopping done.

After doing some damage to our bank accounts, we made our way into Seattle and checked into the hotel. Preston got some of the ants of of his pants, we ate a late dinner at Red Robin, and hit the hay.

Well most of us hit the hay at least, Preston had taken a very short nap on the drive from the outlets to the hotel and somehow managed to stay awake until midnight! I didn't even realize it had gotten so late as I'd fallen asleep next to him and only woke up when he nudged me to start a new episode of Calliou on YouTube for him every eight minutes or so.

Somehow even though he'd gone to bed late Preston was up bright and early on Saturday morning. Sweet! I should have known right then and there that it was not destined to be a great day on Preston's part.

We paid a quick visit to Alki Beach. I love Alki Beach. Love it. I'd only been there once before but it stole my heart. Jen met us there. But it was a quick visit. It was cold and windy being that it was on the water. Preston and I didn't mind but everyone else wasn't so big on toughing it out. As short lived as our visit there was I still loved it and Preston was in heaven. He'd been talking about the beach and the ocean for weeks. When it was time to go he ran, he cried, I dragged him kicking and screaming back to the car. :(

From Alki we went downtown to do some shopping. Thank God Jen was with us as Preston was not having it when we went inside the stores. He was desperate to stay outside where the weather was now gorgeous and sunny and warm. Really can't say I blame him. But Jen kept us company while we walked the streets of downtown. And Preston was happy.

At first.

After a couple of hours of walking downtown and attempting to go into stores Preston was not so happy. Jen had headed back to her apartment to catch a quick nap before dinner, so we opted to take the monorail over to Seattle Center and ride some of the rides. Guess what? The monorail was BROKEN! And the Seattle Center was about 13 blocks there and then another 13 blocks back. At first it didn't seem that far, but I was tired. We'd been up and walking all day, I just didn't have it in me. So back to shopping and fighting the stroller we went. This all ended with both me and Preston having a meltdown in American Eagle in which I informed my Mom that we HAD TO LEAVE! And NOW! Not one of my finer moments. In my defense we were five hours into shopping downtown and Preston had been bored out of his mind for all of it and borderline freaking out for the last hour.

We checked back into the hotel and I opted out of dinner with my Mom and sisters and instead picked up dinner to go with Jen and Preston. Back to the hotel we went to eat. Preston got some energy out before we headed down to the pool for some swimming. The pool was cold! Freezing cold. But Preston was so excited that we got in anyways. Teeth chattering and all.

Finally we got cold enough, scratch that I got cold enough that we got out and headed back to the room. Of course things didn't end there. Somehow right before bed Preston realized that his new "baby kitty" was missing. We'd bought it Friday at the outlets and somehow he'd already lost it. We searched the entire hotel room, then headed down to the pool, and finally asked at the lobby about baby kitty dressed in our jammies mind you. And baby kitty was nowhere to be found. Preston was less than thrilled with this. Even though he still had his doggy and big kitty cat. Baby kitty was missing in action!

Preston did eventually go to sleep and boy did he sleep good. All that fresh air and racing around the hotel and playing in the pool did him in.

Good thing too because we had a long ride home ahead of us on Sunday. And we had to pay a visit to the two story Target at Northgate. That's right I said TWO STORY TARGET! How could we not stop for that?! It was as awesome as it sounds. In case you were curious.

We also made a quick pit stop at the outlets on the way home. Magically baby kitty was there waiting for us! Amazing how that works. We of course had to pay for baby kitty's room and board overnight and then we were on our way home.

At last! Brad missed us and we missed him. And really after a couple of days away home just seems so much more fabulous!


Unknown said...

That's must be so tough to try and do things that are fun for your kid, and yet hang out with everyone else. Glad you all survived and enjoyed as much of the trip as you could!

Courtney said...

I had something to say but the idea of a TWO STORY TARGET completely eradicated it. WHY DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS!?!?!?!?