Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Say What Preston?!

The Little Manipulator Edition...


*Enchanted is on and I've warned him that it's almost bedtime.

Me: "Did you know this was the first movie you saw in theaters?" (He was like four months old).

Preston: "Uh-huh. But I didn't see the end though."


*It's Brad's night to do bedtime and I can hear him and Preston talking.

Brad: "How many books does Mommy read you?"

Preston: "Sometimes when it's really late she only reads me two." (The longer that it takes him to pay attention or settle down or get dressed and brush his teeth the less books he gets to hear at bedtime.)

Brad: "How many books does she normally read you?"

Preston: "Ummmmmmm...(thinks) nine".

Yeah, that is not how many books I read him at bedtime.

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