Friday, February 26, 2010

Potty Mouth

Oh yes. Potty mouth. As in naughty words a plenty!

I never really understood the big deal about using naughty words growing up. It's just a word. And my parent's used them. Why couldn't I?

I get it now. Oh how I get it.

Preston has hit the phase where not only does he copy what we do and say but he understands the situation too. Meaning that he can grasp why we use certain words in certain situations.

As in one day the laundry basket fell down the stairs and Preston said, "oh shit". Not a big deal as he didn't repeat it again. It was more of a fluke than something to be concerned about.

It's something to be concerned about now.

I clearly use the word shit far too often in my every day life. FAR TOO OFTEN! Preston has picked up on that. And we are struggling with how to teach him that he is not allowed to say all of the words that he hears. It's hard. He's only two so I don't know if he's even old enough to understand that he can't say certain words because I know that he doesn't understand the meaning behind them and he hears them through me. This is also made even more difficult by the fact that it's hard not to laugh sometimes.

For example when after getting gas in Seattle my Mom uttered, "shit". Which somehow launched Preston into a monologue of "oh shit. oh shit. oh shit!". I jumped to correct him but my Mom and sisters were unable to contain their laughter. Obviously he was only encouraged by their laughter and he spent the entire car ride back to the hotel yelling oh shit. Don't believe me? I have proof, my sister recorded it and it is now her ring tone. You know just in case I need to be reminded. My Mom was laughing so hard that she was actually crying. She had to be thinking that payback is a bitch and I'd earned it for all the things I put her through growing up.

Everyone was laughing at him, thus encouraging him to continue. Well almost everyone. I was hanging my head in shame and wondering how to put an end to the madness. I was torn because I didn't feel it was right to punish him when everyone else was just encouraging him but at the same time shit is a naughty word. We of course talked about it as much as you can talk about something with a two year old. But he clearly didn't fully understand that we don't use that word and opted to show me just how confused he was in the middle of The Children's Place the next day. That was fun.

No he doesn't just say shit randomly throughout the day. It's more like when he remembers that it's funny he tries to make everyone laugh or when he hears it he repeats it. On the way home someone said it in the car and got him started again. Only this time he wasn't just saying oh shit he was saying, "Ohhhhh shhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttttttt!". Lovely. My sister also recorded that one for me. Thanks Shannon! That time I'd had enough and started taking his toys away and refusing to give them back until he apologized.

Then yesterday in the middle of the morning he said stupid. I have never heard Preston say stupid before. I don't even think I really use that word all that much either. It is also one of those words when I was growing up that I thought is was so silly of my parents to ask me not to say. Stupid isn't even a bad word. I still don't think it's a bad word, but there is just something about hearing a child say it that makes it sound so much worse than it really is!

I'm thinking Preston learning that one may have been Brad's fault. Brad who ran to the store for me while I was in Seattle to pick up orange juice that was on sale. Oh how sweet! Then proceeded to leave it in the car from Friday night to Sunday night when I found it while reinstalling Preston's car seat. STUPID! And for some reason even though we'd had weather in the low sixties all weekend Brad still thought I was going to let Preston drink it. STUPID!

Preston spent the rest of the day walking around declaring random things stupid. It was horrible. I mean I guess in the long run stupid is much better than oh shit. But it looks like I'm going to start cleaning up my language for the little mimic in the house!

Disclaimer: I did not call my husband stupid after he left the juice containers (oh yes, there was not just one there were FIVE!) in the car all weekend, even though I wanted to. And I wanted to very badly. I mean who does that. But I do use the word stupid on a regular basis but in a nice way. Like that was a stupid show. Or where did those stupid hangers go. Looks like I'm just going to really have to watch every thing I say from now on!

Oh shit, that's just stupid!


Mom said...

OMGoodenss! This is too funny. We are dealing with a potty mouth too. I run into the same dilemma you do about encouraging it. I have really tried to just ignore it when Aidan uses a foul word. At least Preseton says shit... Aidan has picked up the F word and was shouting it today in the car for no apparent reason. UGH!

Aleta said...

OK, I have to admit, I was laughing, thinking about your Mom thinking it was catchback from when you were a kid. Too funny!!

My parents rarely said naughty words, so we didn't, but we did learn them from friends. People do laugh when you hear a child saying the words. What's so funny about it? I mean, we know it's a cuss word, but something about a child saying it and especially when it's appropriate. You have to laugh!!

So, you're going to be on "language alert" - hehe. Good luck!!!

Frugal Vicki said...

This is too funny! How is it that you can say one sentence, all words in the same tone etc and they pick up the ONE bad word?
Just wait you poor thing...right now I am getting told "don't speak to me that way!" and "I said that is NOT an options!"